An Emergency Writeup

Some Questions of National Importance: I saw a column written by one highly respected intellectual of the country on an issue that is totally irrelevant as on today- Weaponising faith: The Gyanvapi Mosque-Kashi Vishwanath dispute Some so-called religious goons are raising this sort of issues or politicians at this moment of the country. Unfortunately most of these columnists in all national media are mostly engrossed about the mistakes of the politicians in power and their policies or any thing that supports or opposes divisive mentality.This is when a huge democracy of billions are facing many problems of their living condition and welfare put in hazard of serious consequences of Covid-19.

Why are our intellectuals not talking about these burning issues? Vaccine Manufacturing Hub of India and whatever health care services we have are the only hope to fight the spreading Covid-19. They require full support from all, particularly our argumentative masses that has been nurtured by our so called democratic processes.It must cause a serious concern to all Indians. Whereas, neither so call religious gurus sitting on huge wealth nor the politicians and other religious leaders have any concern. Perhaps they are neither capable nor interested still to get over this present crisis to Indian economy. The right- minded wise men of India must think about on these key issues. How can we all build a better disciplined mass of billion plus population? Why could not have beeen the election rallies or even the elections for that matter or Kumbha Mela could have been postponed? Heaven would not have fallen if it would not have been held for one or more years as no one on earth can bring a discipline required or demanded for controlling the spread of Covid with the sheep mentality of the Indian masses….Not even One politician worth name or a religious leader or even the leaders of the farmers protest have suggested this postponement in the interest of the country. How can a country like India sustain even the minimal living standards of its maximum number of poor families with lockdowns and uncertainty in all industrial and commercial sectors, particularly the service sectors employing the maximum number of these poor persons for sustaining their families. The richer classes are hardly sensitive enough to solve the problems of the almost half a billion of migrant labourers in providing them vaccines or a good enough dormitory living facilities. The government and richer peers in industry are not helping the vaccine manufacturers to enhance their facilities which they are asking for. Instead the government has imposed a price limit for their vaccines to make it look people-friendly to the vote bank ….Unfortunately none is talking about it or advising the decision makers in government or private sector to do something as one for a National Emergency situation… Further even after the first lockdown, the industrial units and other places have not worked out the best they could do face the repeat of the same or similar pandemics and keep their activities going. I remember from my own life that there was a somewhat much difficult condition in good olds in Bengal related to extreme shortage of electric power. And the industrial plants and almost every one found a way out to cross over the situation through various means from the reorganising the working systems to innovative new products etc. Every sector will have to think of the present situation of Covid Chaos to reappear again and again. Why the marriages or festivals like Kumbh or for that matter any activity where a crowding foreseen, look into the way it is causing spread.Let us all including huge number of columnists of media and other intellectuals and business leaders think over:

1. if our country need so many political parties going over thousand,

2. if the country can’t have all the elections of all levels, for centre, states including Panchayats simultaneously once in three, four or five years,

3. if the country need to have a national emergency in situation such as this type of worldwide pandemics and its consequences on the economy, education, etc that can take back the country and its people backward in every manners.

Can more and more raise these question to himself and in his known circles of people?

And please also consider a special case of democratic India when China and Pakistan are the type of enemy countries that we are having. Let the democracy must a boon into bane.

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