Migrants- Problems or Solutions!

Maharashtra’s asking six states to take back 3.5 lacs migrants so late is highly irresponsible. These migrants have been part of building the economy of Maharashtra for just the minimal remunerations that they get for their hard work they do almost for long hours every day. The states named in the list UP, Bihar, MP, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. It is strange to see the name of the state of Gujarat that used to be the part of Maharashtra till the reorganisation of states on the basis of language spoken and used. I hardly imagine of Gujaratis as menial grassroots workers. It must be the hatred against Gujarati that would have come out at this time. Will Maharashtra like Ambani and Adani and their clans to shift. The government in Maharashtra over the years could have done away with these migrants well in time after the lock down was announced pursuing them with the reasons. However, all this has started with the different views of the CMs of different states. Yogi Adityanath was perhaps advised to arrange the transport and get the well publicised kindness and compassion with populist reasons. It was and is the responsibility of each state using migrants as their workforce to provide a better living for these grassroots level workers. Nitish is getting criticised for not coming forward to take back the migrants of his states. Unfortunately, both the states involved in case of the migrants, the state of their origin and the state where they work, must play a positive role in providing a better quality of life for these deprived persons. Till now majority of them live in slums, chawls or on the street in pathetic conditions in the places where they work. The governments of the centre as well as the states must consider their pathetic conditions on national priority for a built solution. The states of origin must create more opportunities for reducing the number of its migrants, as it shows the mismanagement by the governments over last seventy years. Some of the states where these migrants are using them as they are short of such persons from their own states who can do their work historically. As it stands, it is because of the very much varying of the job creations and prosperity levels of different states. However, in this particular related to Maharashtra, the political party whose head is the present chief minister, had been very much an anti- migrants historically. The CM must shun that policy of his party and work as the leaders of all the citizens of the state whosoever they may be. We all know that the states such as Bihar, UP, West Bengal, Odisha, MP have historically remained the suppliers of menial workers over years. These states had earned bad names for corruption, work ethics, and poor in providing education, skill, health care and inaction in creating job opportunities, as winning election has been the main task in which they have kept themselves engaged. It must change, and the people of these states must themselves must think of weeding out such politicians from the society.

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