Be Entrepreneur, Get into manufacturing

Be Entrepreneur, Get into manufacturing: The government intention and the country’s need require a new wave of enterprising young persons to get into the business of manufacturing in the sector such as electronics, and high tech manufacturing technologies using Artificial Intelligence, nano-technology, 3D printing, solar cells, the newer EV battery technologies, etc. The main objective is to make country self -sufficient with indigenous products, and go away from the policy of importing everything. Who can be the best entrepreneurs of these new enterprises with potential to become one day a global player?

  1. Every big companies employing highly talented educated youths must encourage their business-minded experienced technical personnels with aptitude to get into their own business in these sectors. Many private and companies like BEL, Tatas, Mahindra, L&T must encourage their employees.
    2.All IITs and other top engineering colleges must train and encourage their students of every department, but certainly of electrical, electronics, telecommunication, aeronautics, chemical into entrepreneurship and startups rather than going for management. The government must grant special scholarships for the students with such potentials..
  2. Prime minister must request 10-15 reputed big industrialists such as Azimji Premji, Ratan Tata, A K Naik of L&T, Anand Mahindra, N R Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani to visit the engineering institutes and address the students to encourage them in the entrepreneurship in manufacturing rather than joining industry or management.
  3. The Prime Minister and some ministers such Nitin Gadkari, Piyush Goel, Rajnath Singh or bureaucrats such as Amitabh Kant must also directly address the students of the technical institutes to attract them in manufacturing of all items required in all sectors for which the country is just dependent on import.

Govt has very rightly notified three pretty lucrative incentive schemes for electronics sector. But the opportunity must go to the right persons with aptitude foe innovation and entrepreneurship as discussed above. Let us look at this initiative, “The schemes that altogether offer incentives of nearly Rs 48,000 crore, were cleared by the cabinet last month. These include the promotion of manufacturing of electronic components and semiconductors, Modified Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMC 2.0) Scheme, and Production Linked Incentive Scheme for large scale electronics manufacturing. The government’s notification states that the incentives for these schemes will be rolled out from 1st August and will initially be open for four months. “ Today the developing and manufacturing the world class products of fulfilling the huge demand in the country must be the first priority of the nation. Globalisation is on death bed. Situation such as Covid-19 must teach the country this.

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