Gandhi,Caste and Democracy

With vote bank politics, smaller parties led by the caste leaders are trying to exploit the situation against the interest of the country just for their vested interests.Heads of these parties are demanding more of their candidates from the major parties such as BJP with threat of abandoning the alliances. Over the years such casteist political parties that are family owned mostly, are growing in number. This is dangerous for a strong democracy with majority of either of the largest parties getting difficult. This is one major reason that the caste system in Hindus must end. It is creating heart burns and conflicts and misunderstanding among the people of different castes. Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi was dead against the caste system among Hindus. Dr. Ramachandra Guha has mentioned Gandhi’s view in his latest book, Gandhi. “Sometime in 1945, in Bombay , answering to a question about whether caste was ‘consistent with democracy and democratic organisations’, Gandhi replied:’I do not need to refer to my past writings to say what I believe today, because only what I believe today counts. I wish to say that the caste system as it exists to-day in Hinduism is an anachronism.It is one of those ugly things which will certainly hinder the growth of true religion.It must go if both Hinduism and India are to live and grow……The way to do (this)is for all Hindus to become their own scavengers, and treat the so- called hereditary Bhangis as their own brothers.’ Unfortunately, Nehru never came out in forthright manner on the caste system in Hindus. Nehru rather loved to be called Panditji, or Pandit Nehru. As a result, today Rahul Gandhi with Parsi father and Cristian mother declares himself Brahmin to allure Brahmin voters and Hindus. Can some rules by EC discourage the casteist political parties? Castes were a very late introduction in Hinduism and with reservations based on castes by birth, it is becoming a menace for the unity and amity of this country.All Hindu intellectuals and religious leaders must sit together and find a way out to end it.Perhaps the best way for ending it will come with right education, migrations for jobs and urbanisation.

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