Noida Authority and Ad hoc Projects

For last four years or so, most in F-Block would have seen or heard about at least two-three major projects of real interest coming up that can make the life of residents better in many ways.

1. Community Centre or Barat Ghar or for some ‘Club’ in plot along with the Meghdootam Park:The 4.67 crore glass-paned high roof building is almost ready. For such huge investment, all details as it would look and function after the final stage, would have been in place before the start of use by the intended beneficiaries. Recently I happened queried the security guard of the place about the status. He retorted, “ Sir,I just look after a Kuttakhana. There are a dozen or more of stray dogs, (may be few bitches too to keep on adding continuously to numbers).”

2. In reality, the huge project can hardly be considered complete.The building, as designed,must be fully air conditioned, otherwise in Noida climate, it will be only an oven in summer. Perhaps, it is still not there in the plan of Noida Authority. NA must be thinking of handing it over in winter so that the people would realise the problem only after 4-5 months.

3. For convenience of disabled, while there is a ramp built for ground floor, a lift from ground floor for reaching the first floor is missing. How can a public place be made out of reach for senior citizens and Divyangs?

4. Two bodies of residents claiming for taking over the administration of the building have also not come out with a road map. As I suggested in a write up earlier, the first floor can be made into an excellent modern library for kids, youths and senior citizens with entertainment corners for kids, a kitty corner for women and another for senior citizens with provision for a contracted canteen.However, we don’t know if NA would agree. From Amrapali Eden Eden Park I can arrange two selves of good books for the library. I am sure other complexes can also contribute in the same way. However, NA will have to agree to appoint a qualified good librarian.

5. And with the expenditure of approx R 5 crore already incurred, every day the authority is loosing Rs 10,000 at least as interest on expenditure.But who and why should one bother about it?

6. RCC Covering of the Nalla on side of sector 50 along the 4-lane road between sector 50-51 started coming up as another welcome project:The project cost must be in crores. I imagine certain benefits coming out- less of stinks from the stagnant water and filth in it. The gas refilling of air conditioners in residences will reduce as claimed by some. Less of Mosquitos can be presumed.I wonder how the filth would be removed, whether manually or mechanically from left out openings.For last few months, the work on it was going on, but recently I found that it has stopped. But we all will certainly wish that NA must forbid painting all sorts of ads on the sidewall and stop the coming up many stalls causing visual torture and physical pollution for the residents of communities.

3. Medanta Hospital near Metro station: A large plot is lying barricaded for the hospital that would have certainly eased the medical requirements for residents around it. As it happened with the plot of central market near the Jain temple, it is not known if the project is on or off.

Will the Fora claiming to work for the locality and hoping to take the reign, take the issues with NA?

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