Narendra Modi’s Four Years, as I see it

Modi has been unique in his way of doing the things in a country which finds it difficult to drop decades if not centuries of legacy of dishonesty, lethargy, and deficiency.

1. Modi started by inviting all Saarc country heads in his oath ceremony and even this year’s Republic Day Parade had unique presence of ten country heads of ASEAN.

2. Narendra Modi sought to influence people’s thought processes, behaviours and choices through social campaigns on, for example, promotion of girl child and making villages open-defecation-free.

3. Modi became poster boy for many of his reforms, be it Swachh Bharat in a country where for most of the country men, it is difficult to drop even the habits that costs life.

4. Modi lent his own voice to urging people to practise yoga to stay healthy, to use khadi clothes that can help generate incomes for khadi workers, to give up LPG subsidy in favour of those who cannot afford it, to switch over to using LED bulbs for conserving electricity, and so forth.

5. Modi believed in removing the root causes of farmers’ owes, and empowering them but was forced to go to loan waivers.

6. Free LPG, electricity, houses and under implementation healthcare scheme for rural poor are the landmarks of his motives and will be game changer. Interestingly, Modi has been highly innovative in his approach.

7. Demonetisation and GST revealed how deep dishonesty has percolated in all sectors, be it jewellery or PSBs.GST will make tax evasion tougher.Demonetisation set off surge in digital transactions making life less risky.Indian economy is becoming formal.

8. Thrust on better connectivity, road, air, waterways, ports, internet, mobile phones is visible all around.

8. Modi is steadily keeping the pressure on eradication of corruption.

9. While on one hand naxalism is shrinking, ease of doing business is improving. Innovations and entrepreneurship have got into fast forward mode.

10. NDA rules today 20 states. Modi is the only hurdle for all odd opposition political hues.

Four years are too short a time to solve the problems pertaining to India of 1.3 billion or more citizens living with varying mindset of the Stone Age as well as that of IoT age.

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