An Open Letter to Builder of ‘Amrapali Eden Park’, Noida

Dear Shri Ajay Kumar Sharma
@ I am myself a KGP IITian of 1961 batch.
@ As I understand you did your M.Tech from KGP. Further, one of my relatives, who studied with you recommended about your group so I bought a 4BHK apartment in Amrapali Eden Park. With a dismal experience of this project even after more than a year of possession, I am writing this letter with a hope that you shall try to improve things that decide the quality of living in the projects.

@ It is unfortunate but truth that this project is nowhere near your commitment that appears with your credential on the website: ” The company delivers QUALITY of life through professional employees, superior craftmanship, unwavering delivery commitments, superior values and no excuses.”

@ AEP was the first completed project in Noida. Each of the buyers of AEP could have become the best brand ambassador of Amrapali, perhaps more useful and powerful than Dhoni and full page advertisements for which Amrapali must be spending a lot. But the management of AEP failed from the day one. Today every owner is really aggrieved.

@ You visit any apartment, you will find multifarious construction defects such mismatching of tile shades, poor plumbing, patches of damp areas, etc.

@ While many facilities are still not in place, the residents are restless. How can we at 70 plus live without lift, power or with poor water quality. At my age, I am forced to keep my calm. In dispersion, I left for long holidays with my children. 
Even today the management of AEP can make up some of the lost ground. It must stop ignoring the issues raised by the body of owners. 

-The management must complete all the work, take completion certificates from all agencies and see that the apartments are registered in the name of owners at the earliest.

-The maintenance of critical machinery and equipment such as lifts, water pumps and back up generators that affect the daily quality of life causing huge inconveniences, must be carried out in the best possible professional manner and not in adhoc way.

If the management wishes so, the many experienced persons among the owners may be of get assistance to it. Let the management of AEP understand that with so much of grievances and heart burning, the buyers are united. And if the issues are not sorted out amicably and fast enough, they may resorts to the ways that may further be damaging the Amrapali brand. Let Amrapali understand that if it has some great connection, many owners in AEP may also have a lot of high connections.

And finally, I request the management of AEP for not treating their buyers as some vegetable buyers, but take us seriously as buyers of high end pricy property from you. So be a good customer oriented entrepreneur, and treat us that way.

Please do not set a bad example. I hope you settle issues soon, get completion from NA, and get registration completed.
Indra Roy Sharma from Cary, USA

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