Muslims! Requesting your reconsideration

Muslims of Ayodhya must set an example of their love of Indian culture as they are part of it. Most of them believe in the story of Rama. In many places, they play the roles of various characters of Ramayana in local Ramlila and enjoy it. Their so-called leaders such as Azam Khan with their own vested interests will never like that to happen. They must realise the fact that the most of the millions and millions of Hindus over centuries believe that Rama was born in Ayodhya and Krishna in Mathura. And they also believe that Rama and Krishna are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme. The Muslims of India must respect the faith of Hindus and Hindus must also respond. They must appreciate the difference between a temple at the place believed by Hindus as birthplace of Rama where one of the officers in Babar army forcibly built a masjid later on known as Babri Masjid like many in the country just to hurt the feelings of Hindus just because he has conquered India. The Babri Maszid at Ayodhya was no way connected their Prophet or any of their kin. This gesture will be a great one to bring harmony and peace in India. Perhaps many will agree with me and must be having the same views. Let us not wait for the court decision, as it may take years and till then in every December there will be a tension in the country for nothing. Interestingly a minister of UP expressing similar idea got sacked by his CM. Let the subject be taken out of the hands of the politicians and solved with understanding between the commoners of the two communities.

Muslims must also appreciate the tortures, humiliations and shocks that the Hindus and their religious places suffered because of some truant Muslim rulers over the centuries. Religious temples, statues, maths were demolished and a large number of their clans were forcibly converted. If today Muslims can not tolerate the demolition of just one Babri Maszid, what sort of tolerance is there in the Hindus to read the news of hundreds of temples vanishing in Pakistan and even in Bangladesh and why should the Muslims not appreciate it? Can’t Muslims at large appreciate the feeling of humiliation in Hindus when they visit Kutubminar a Maszid built out of hundred of broken temples? Should the history books remove the stories of large scale conversions of Hindus in the periods when the Muslims ruled the country? Further, the media keeps on revealing the data that makes Hindus in India upset. How should a Hindu react when he reads a news report that 400 plus temples have vanished in Pakistan? Similar stories of desecration of Hindu temples in Bengal keep on appearing. But hardly any Hindu, but for just few fanatics in Hindus, try to see Muslims of the country with any feeling of revenge. Let us live in harmony, when the priorities for the country is to fight with poverty and deprivations.

Muslim parents must press the government for providing their children good education, skilling and financial assistance for that. Their leaders will never do that as their existence will be in danger after that. Muslims got elated with Sachar Commission for minority. Secular parties took credit for the appointing the commission, announced a large number of programmes to help the minority before the general election, but nothing changed as even after ten years. The deprivation remained where it was. The All India Survey of Higher Education 2013-14, released last week, says that Muslims account for just 4.3 per cent of India’s higher education enrolment, from undergraduates to PhD students, while the community makes up 14.2 per cent of the country’s population. Will they cast their vote for those who do the maximum in empowering them with education and skilling? The huge lot of NGOs, cadres of political parties must also focus on the education and skilling of the minority, Dalit and tribal children, something on the line of KISS of Odisha that has set an example of large scale educating of tribals. This is the only way to bring equity and build integrity of India.

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