Senior Citizens: Some Issues and Suggestions

We have been discussing about some special issues and concerns of senior citizens. 1. Right medical assistance 2. Help to reach the medical provider 3. Necessity for some to keep satisfyingly engaged and usefully 4. Problems of some who wish to get a satisfaction by giving back.

Emergency Medical Assistance: The problem of dealing with ageing poses many challenges. One is geriatric care, which is a specialisation that Indian medical providers lack badly. I doubt if all medical practitioners can correctly understand the medical problems of senior citizens and its medication. Can there be way to prepare a list of the doctors in locality who can handle the medical problems of ageing citizens, advise on right physical exercise or yoga cores, and special diets, and medication? Can the doctors in locality be persuaded to attain the older patients at home, as nowadays all the doctors do’t do that.
But there is something that is more than that and can be helped. It relates to many older couples like us who live alone with children away. In medical emergency, there may be an urgent need of a helping hand. Last month, I who lived with my wife faced a worrying situation. We had faced a medical problem late in evening. It was only a neighbour, Mr. Nauryal whom I requested for help. He was kind enough to call the ambulance. He also accompanied us to hospital for an emergency assistance, got checked, treated and brought back. His acquaintance with the hospital staffs was a big help. But what would have happened, if my neighbour would not have been there. It would have been a torturous evening. Can’t something be done for the older couples living on their own to face such emergencies? I am sure we can find a solution. We can try to find and fix some volunteers who are willing to take up such responsibilities of helping senior citizens at odd hours out of their own interest. Can some hospitals be persuaded to provide door to hospital to door services for senior citizens on reasonable payment?

Lack of Engagement: Many a times, it becomes difficult to keep oneself at this age sufficiently engaged to avoid the depression resulting out of loneliness. Many of those retired ones are in real sense the repositories of wisdom and knowledge and have skills that can be helpful to the needy in the society. Can we find a way to provide some interesting and satisfying engagement to those who are willing to work and to obtain its pleasure? Some with contacts can certainly help. The other day while attending the first anniversary meet of Meghdootam Senior Citizens Welfare Forum, I came to hear about some very capable persons. While Dr. Kaul had been a successful academician, Mr. Chaubey retired after holding the top position of a big PSU with expertise in HRD and who have also published two books published. Mr. Gupta was not only the General Manager in SBI but he is also a writer. If they are willing to take some initiative to find out the projects in which these engagements are required, something great can come out. How do we channelise the expertise and resources of those who have moved out of the job market and still ready to serve the society? But before anything! we will have create a data bank of the willing and physically capable senior citizens and their special skills and expertise where they can contribute.

Pleasure of Giving: Many of us at this age are affluent enough and have the willingness to part with some money for charity that can be used for helping the needy of various type in the society. We can create a Charity Fund for the purpose and devise a system to donate from the fund for a socially relevant cause.

There may be many more suggestions and issues. We invite suggestions from every one. It will be nice if we can form a Think Group to discuss the subjects in all communities.

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