Nitish Kumar: Why I don’t like him anymore?

Nitish Kumar after working for a year or two for some low hanging items of development, went into full electioneering mode with a single objective of keeping the chief ministership of Bihar safe for himself by be-fooling the most illiterate, ignorant and backward people of the least developed state of the country. Nitish is no more a person focused for the growth and development of Bihar and eradication of its poverty.

@. Nitish has allied with family run parties such as Lalu’s RJD and Sonia’s Congress, both corrupt and with no faith in developmental politics.

@. Nitish will have to be casteist in company of Lalu, becoming messiah of Mahadalits, Muslims with Yadavs . Lalu might have agreed to have Nitish as CM but if he wins sufficient number of his own MLAs, he will certainly push out Nitish and run his own agenda. It will affect development and governance. It is not at all a natural alliance. The alliance hardly have faith in making Bihar a strong developed state.

@. Nitish from day one of his era has planned and worked to keep himself in the driving seat of the state. He kept on going on yatras all over the state with that single objective. He never talked about the improvement required in social setups and weaknesses of individual Biharis to improve the image of Bihar and its hardworking people.

@. Nitish certainly did a good work on law and order as well as road construction. But it became noticeable as the previous governments under Lalu and Rabri had created a ‘jungle raj’, and the situation had touched rock bottom.

@. Nitish could not promote any other city but Patna. Even Patna didn’t see the development that other capitals of Indian states have achieved. Gaya, Muzzafarpur, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga could have been improved to much better status. Gaya could certainly become a city of international attraction with an international airport linking SE Asian Budhhist countries.

@. Nitish could have encouraged yoga all over through the educational institutes through reputed Munger school of yoga. Instead he finds satisfaction by criticising Modi for getting Yoga an international event.

@. Nitish hardly did anything to make Bihar a ‘must visit’ state for domestic and foreign tourists with its Budhhist and Hindu circuits and yoga. Yoga could have been a big attraction and source of employment.

@. Nitish failed to encourage and take the traditional art such as Madhubani paintings to the national and international stage. Even his Litti-Chokha could not reach the Indian metros.

@. Nitish with Lalu are satisfied by declaring the people of Bihar as poorest and had hardly taken any out of the box policy to eradicate poverty through empowering. Can they feel proud when a Kashmiri driver tells them too that the agriculture and construction in Kashmir ( perhaps all over India) will collapse if Bihari workers move out?

@. Nitish has hardly done to train and skill its uneducated millions to get a better remuneration and respect in labour market. Is it very difficult to train masons, drivers, electricians, plumbers, tailors or cooks and housekeepers that the migrant workers from the state get engaged in.

@. Nitish didn’t do sufficient work to make solar and biomass electricity light every nook and corner of Bihar to improve the quality of life. If states like Gujarat and Rajasthan can do it, why couldn’t Bihar? Nitish hardly took up major irrigation project to take care of draught with so many rivers criss-crossing the state.

@. Some young entrepreneurs set up their startups in Bihar, but Nitish Kumar did not provide the required assistance and encouragement to scale up in a large manner to impact the economy.

@. Nitish and Lalu with all their clout in Delhi with Manmohan and Sonia hardly did anything to get the projects of the two railway loco plants in Bihar implemented that would potentially make Bihar a manufacturing state if properly executed.

@. Nitish hardly took a significantly large assistance step to encourage MSMEs that all backward states such as Orissa and Madhya Pradesh have been doing.

@. Nitish hardly took any initiative to get set up the proven models of good schools in rural Bihar, where one or more of schools such as Kendriya , Navodaya, or Kashturba Gandhi Vidyalayas are required in each block. As per the media, he was against them, when that can only be the way out to uplift the rural education. Every block of the state must have a good school of that proven model.

@. Nitish Kumar and Lalu have not taken any step to educate the people at large against the mass copying in all examinations in Bihar thereby damaging the image of Bihar.

@. Nitish did not do anything to attract good professional engineering and medical schools, nor he did anything to improve the older educational institutes of higher education to be in the national ranking. Today, Bihar depends totally on other states for good higher education.

@. Nitish Kumar didn’t do anything to stop rather his government encouraged the spread of country liquor shops even in the remotest nook and corner of the state. All the rural habitations of Bihar has lost its old culture, its traditional festivals and I now avoid going to even my own village. Nitish Kumar hardly did anything to involve all the villagers in running the Panchayats. Mostly, it is run by goons of different types with help of some of their sycophant followers.

@. Years ago, I used to get amazed when in my village every one had two questions for any unknown visitor: first what was your caste, and if the visitor happened to tell that he was employed, the obvious question bombarded was if he got some outside income (bribe). The condition is no different even today. Every one earning through wrong means, say bribes, is considered smart. All the hypes of the actions against dishonest employees has not changed the situations. Biharis have earned an image of corrupt. Nitish could not bring any change.

Nitish with Lalu can’t be the answer for the growth of Bihar. It is for the people to decide if they wish Bihar as state in the league of developed states or remain at the bottom of the ranking when all other Bimaru states but that with ‘B’as the first letter, racing ahead.
(To be continued)

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