A Bihar Battle for Becoming Emperor

I don’t know why the recent political development in Bihar reminds me of the year when Dr. Sri Krishna Sinha had proposed a merger of West Bengal with Bihar. Dr. B C Roy agreed first. But very soon Dr. Roy could understand his mistake, and he retreated. The going-ons for a Janata Parivar alliance must take some lessons from history.

Historically, Nitish replaced the misrule or jungle raj of Lalu Prasad and his clan and ruled Bihar successfully with BJP.
But Nitish’s ego ran supreme and he broke the alliance with BJP in most unceremonious manner before the general election. Nitish has not understood the people’s mind correctly and lost poorly to BJP alliance in Lok Sabha poll in 2014.

Nitish also tried a sabbatical leave by putting Manjhi as chief minister. It must have been in poor taste if not for him but certainly for the people of Bihar. It was certainly a blot in Nitish’s political career. Manjhi has been removed unceremoniously. All those must have gone against Nitish. But then Nitish tried to form a grand alliance against BJP alliance. It appears to have failed. Mulayam has ditched. Now Nitish is trying to go to poll with an alliance or merger with his one time greatest foe Lalu Prasad.

Lalu Prasad has refused to commit Nitish Kumar as the chief ministerial face for the Bihar elections. Nitish forgets that Lalu now has two of his sons helping him in his politics of Bihar. A tough situation awaits Nitish. It will not be that easy to work with Lalu. Even if his alliance with Lalu wins (though the chance is little) and Lalu agrees to have Nitish as chief minister, Nitish will never have the same comfort as he was having with BJP as an ally. There will certainly be a second centre of power that will have its headquarter in Lalu’s family house with Lalu’s playing their own cards at different critical occasions. Bihar and its development will suffer.

I am sure the people of Bihar who though vote for caste in many cases, will play their cards intelligently and will understand the totally loose loose condition with Nitish-Lalu win. A BJP led alliance with full support from the centre will certainly serve the interest of the people of Bihar better.

Bihar needs a government that moves on real development in the state. It must focus on quality education that is not damaged by the exponential boom of coaching centres. All the institutions of higher educations- colleges, universities, medical and engineering colleges, skilling institutes, other professional technical institutes focus on quality teaching. Rogue teachers, students and goons are eliminated with a heavy hand. The government focuses on the growth of MSMEs to reach every village. Small land holders must be encouraged to shift from traditional crops to vegetables, fruits, fishery, commercial plantations and animal husbandry. All canals must be widened with solar parks on it and good roads on both sides. Panchayats must run effectively and a plan to reduce the number of family under BPL to zero over next ten years must be put in place. If not in all the parameters but certainly in some, Bihar must get into the category of better states where the people of the state love to live peacefully with all amenities and never think of leaving.

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