Swachh Bharat: Some Simple Steps

Swachh Bharat is just one Aviyan that can transform India in many respect changing the perception of all those who live here or come from outside. It will also mean increase in prosperity and creating a brand. For example, if Noida is ranked high as Swachh town, its real estate price will increase significantly compared to other towns. Unfortunately in a recent survey that appeared in ‘India Today’, Noida did not find a place on the parameter of cleanliness, whereas Gurgaon got.

Noida Authority has been pronouncing ‘Green Noida Clean Noida’ for all these years, but nothing sustainable has happened particularly for cleanliness. Open defamation and urination are rampant. Nothing has happened about the menace of stray dogs. Noida Authority has hardly done anything to make villagers to stop their buffaloes, cows and bulls moving in the streets. Similar is the case in other cities too. The other day, I saw buffaloes passing by the road in front of Taj Mahal on TV, when it was showing the preparation for the impending visit of Obama. Fortunately, it did not happen.

The authority responsible for the running the administration of the urban India have hardly shown the will to make it ‘Swachh’. Noida Authority can collaborate with Mother Dairy to construct and maintain a toilet in the premises. Every market complex and big-size parks that are visited by hundreds of persons must have a nice toilet too. For huge population of construction workers and street vendors and other service providers, suitably located toilet complexes must be treated as important and mandatory feature of the township. Noida Authority must aim at encouraging the residents and associations to participate actively to make Noida clean. It can have ranking through a reputed agency for the different sectors for cleanliness. The sector RWA, in turn, can have a competitive system between its blocks. Other establishments such different markets, parks, hospitals, and schools can be involved in the task of keeping Noida clean with ranking systems. Further, Noida Authority can deploy one of its employee out of hundreds to get a feedback on ‘swachhta’ from one sector as an additional responsibility. That can serve the department head concerned to take corrective actions. What is true for Noida is also true for other municipalities, and corporations, and the drive can result in a better Swachh Bharat.

Swachhta starts from cleanliness but it also covers orderliness too. Here are few things that are eye-shores and can be done, some with no additional cost:
1. Is it very difficult to keep all sorts of covers all around us in its place, be it on the electrical panels, water drains or sewerage line, or trash bins?
2. Can we not ban pasting bills campaign or advertising posters anywhere and everywhere? With addresses of the culprit individual or organisation available on it, how easy it is to take punitive action?
3. Can we imagine how much better a market will be if the name boards are of standard design? A good standard signage for any purpose all over a town provides the perception of good planning.
4. Any thing which is lying or has gone obsolete and lost its must be removed and dumped as wastes. A system can be built in the administration for regular removal of those items.
5. Can it not be made responsibility of the person or department to remove the unused materials after the work is completed?

A place must be fixed for everything and it must be seen that the thing is kept in the same place in desired manner. And look at just story what swachhta Aviyan can end into: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Swachchta-drive-at-Ahmedabad-school-sweeps-up-gold-bars-Rs-1cr-cash/articleshow/46082738.cms As reported from Ahmedabad, ‘when the Kendriya Vidyalaya School in the ONGC campus in Chandkheda undertook a cleanliness drive on Saturday, they found Rs 1 crore in cash and 21 gold bars worth Rs 59 lakh.’

Swachh Bharat, Clean Ganga, and Adarsh Gram Yojna can basically be integrated in one. Modi government and all other political parties must work at least on these Aviyans together to present an image of India that will be at the same footing as that of developed countries.All institutions and private companies must put their resources for creating a brand of Clean India. I wish all IAS and IPS officers would have joined the Aviyans in whatever positions they are, for the geographical areas that they control.

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