Narendra Modi: Campaign Mission

Modi is campaigning not only for election but for transformation, for change, for inspiring different sector of the community to make India great, developed, prosperous; to make India and its villages swachh (clean), to build India as a manufacturing power. Modi talked to industrialists, to students, to those in ITIs, and ……

I wish Modi to connect to engineering and science students and their teachers too who must shake off their traditional age-old ways and grow as real professionals, innovate products, and make India respected in every branch of science and technologies, grow as globally known great professional scientists and technologists. Let each institute base its entrance on the aptitudes of the individuals rather than based on ranks attained. Let each institute train the future teachers out of the mass of students with the interest in it. Let there be a ranking system and sufficient incentive for improving it. Let all the top 200 institutes be totally autonomous.

I also wish Modi to connect all IAS officers and enthuse them to contribute their best without any fear of getting punished by the state government for political reasons. A Swachh Bharat, clean Ganga, Rurban, housing for all or for that matter all the development projects will be easier to achieve in a time frame, if IAS officers cooperate. How can an authority such as one running the administration of Noida under a number of IAS officers be allowed to be just a den of corruption?

And another group that needs to be talked with are the CEOs and the senior officers of all PSUs. All the PSUs must perform as the most competitive organisations or just perish. None should be allowed to perpetuate its nonperformance. Particularly, the manufacturing ones must grow as global giants and become major exporting units. Can there be a single good reason for the poor performance or death of company such as HMT, BSNL or ITI? Today no company worth a name can survive with protection and on just domestic market. If it is not possible, the government must come out from the business of somehow running them at huge national cost.

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