Swachch Noida

Today I sent an e-mail to CEO, NA:

Sub: Swachch Noida
Every sector has gone filthier over last 16 years that we are here. As per media report, Noida is going to be a Smart City. NA, I hope. certainly endorses PM Swachha Bharat Yojna. I request you to depute one officer working in NA to monitor the programme in one sector, as extra volunteered assignment. All Senior executive officers must move around rather than be in office. Noida must be clean and green as it was the main logo when I came here.

1. For dismal power, I request you to make the installation of roof top solar system for residence and factories with plug-in facility to electricity distribution ( to get the benefit of power taken by grid to the individual producer, thereby reducing the power bill) as mandatory.

2. All new houses must have integral garage for vehicles with no vehicles on road.

3. All bill boards in the markets must be of uniformly one type and sizes. Those pasting posters and bills in all odd places must be punished.

The waste disposal must be mechanised and removed on daily basis. Why can not we improve the filthy surroundings of all the markets, temples?

4. If we can not eliminate the open defecation and urination from Noida, how can we do that from a slum town or a rural habitation?

5. Let any new building construction not use the road as store for building materials causing filth and inconvenience.

6. Please get grasses planted on all open places. Noida must reduce the generation of dust through design of system. It must ban plastics.

I hope you shall not take this appeal otherwise. You are an IAS and we all wish you to provide the example.

Please acknowledge the letter and respond to my mail. As my credential, I am an IITian of 1961 batch.
I RSharma

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