NaMo, RaGa, AK! If India Eleects, You

@ Will re-engineer the cabinet formation with lesser number of totally accountable ministries where the targets of various infrastructures or developmental parameters are not defined by the sanction amount but by the units of its achievents, and the objective must be to get the projects implemented in time bound manners.

@ Will work for providing universal excellent education for all.

@ Will use your cadre and volunteer force around the country so that all poor and deserving families possess the ration cards and get one cooking gas cylinder every month at the subsidised price.

@ Will mobilise your volunteers around every school in rural and urban India to ensure that every child compulsorily attend the school full time and not only for mid day meal.

@ Will abandon the practice of contract teachers working simultaneously with very high salaried teachers in the schools.

@ Will appoint an retired and trained ex-defence force graduate personnel as administrator in every rural school to supervise the working of every aspect of management for excellence? (Every rural school will manage a village library, an information centre with broad band internet connected computers and also compulsorily take up the task of imparting knowledge including preventive health care, physical exercises and skill including that of farming, necessary education for all adult men and women.)

@ Will set up a hall of activity centre in every village that can be used by the rural entrepreneurial women such as SHO for manufacturing marketable items, and will provide help in marketing them.

@ Will have at least a weekly marketplace in each panchayat.

@ Will provide every panchayat in next ten years with an ITI and a model high school on the model of Kendriya Vidyalaya or Navodaya Vidyalaya, along with one IIT, one IIM, one AIAMS in every state.

@ Will make India energy surplus working prudently in every field, be it the oil and gas exploration, coal mining, solar and wind, biomass and nuclear, efficient generation and distribution, and waste reduction. For example, ‘a very recent issue of The Economist noted that the German energy giant Siemens reckons that new solar cells have the potential to produce electricity cheaper than coal-fired generators can.’

@ Will work for a GDP growth of at least 10 percent per annum with equal emphasis on all the three sectors- agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

@ Will focus on the manufacturing sector and do everything as the nation’s priority number one to grow at 12 percent per annum to improve its share to around 25 percent of GDP providing employment to all the youngsters in rural as well as urban India in all sorts of low cost low tech to high end high tech fields. Indian entrepreneurs must get a change in mind-set for manufacturing rather than giving it up to become traders of Chinese goods as increasingly happening.
@ Will encourage ‘Made in India’, and encourage traders and organised big retailers to get the wares for domestic and global consumers to manufacture in India.

@ Will encourage every enterprise, the small, medium and big to export to have CAD and foreign currency reserves favourable. Overall exports must reach a trillion by 2022.

@ Will fix up a time period for the end of the practice of reservation of any kind that is more divisive than anything less and put the thrust on empowerment and elimination of the causes of differentiation.

@ Will have a new planned city at every100 km of all the highways with manufacturing centres, education hub, and living accommodation.

@ Will make India the most attractive for foreigners to come for business, education, medical treatment, spiritual attainment or tourism in largest number.

@ Will make India glorious and powerful in every field so that every Indian takes pride in calling himself so.

And finally for the 81 plus million voters: Vote decisively to give a clear verdict to one of the political parties. The nation deserves that decision of singlemindedness.

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