Arvind Kejriwal: Dangerously Ambitious

Arvind got opportunity to learn administration as chief minister of Delhi, but he is too ambitious or may be, is in company of intellectually immature advisors. How can the country men give the responsibility of running a country of 1.2 billion to such people who ran away from running a small city state in 49 days with a lame excuse?

Delhi was a big challenge to test Arvind’s administrative capability. Arvind would have proven it. But Arvind is in hurry to cash on his emerging image of vote catcher and crowd puller after the unexpected Delhi win. All his decisions as chief minister were that of an amateur holding a high chair of authority for satisfying his vote bank. Arvind waived 50 percent of electricity bills for those participated in his protest rallies, later on the Delhi HC has stayed his decision. Does it not say something?

Now Arvind has come out with another gimmick with the top industrialist of the country. He has written a letter to Modi to clarify his views about Mukesh Ambani. And Arvind plans to get 10 crore copies of the letter in different languages for distributing it all around the country. What a poor use of the limited resources that he claims to have! Those interested have already read that through media. Why does not Arvind read some of the articles that has appeared in the media or listen to the reply provided by Moily and Chidambaram? If Arvind does not agree with the logic, he must come out with point by point rebuttal of what they have said.

And then why are there so much of hue and cry or say, celebrations about some from Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri families joining AAP? Is it not the same drawback that Rahul Gandhi has?

Does it matter the way the media is reporting about the fancy of Rajeev Bajaj about the ideas of Arvind? Who is Arvind to give certificate that Premji and Narayan Murthy are good industrialists?

And finally,

At CII meet, Arvind like many of us ridiculed the money spent on Yamuna cleaning project, but never came out how he would do that. Delhi has many issues that are to be sorted if it is to become one of the most livable cities of the world. Arvind would have shown his capability in finding solutions. But how can it happen if a person so qualified as Arvind runs away when he gets opportunity to bring in the improvements on the line of other global cities?

As such, every one knows that a large number in the crowd for Anna movement came from BJP party. But today Arvind has only one enemy that is BJP or Narendra Modi. Arvind and his party men are not leaving any stone unturned to question everything about Modi and BJP. Let Arvind contest the election but he must follow fair means. With ailing image on keep on coughing and branded muffler, Arvind hardly present a picture of one who can take the responsibility of guiding this nation to a height that is its due.

Lastly, I have three IITians in politics whom I follow-Manohar Parikkar, the chief minister of Goa, a new entrant Nandan Nilekani who is contest for Lok Shabha in next election on Congress ticket, and Arvind, who likes to bring a different twist in Indian politics but perhaps in wrong way. Parikkar and Nandan joined one of the national parties and are bound to excel with their individual distinct capabilty. Arvind came with a new party. He himself is no better than Mamta or Jaylalita or for that matter Naveen Patnaik and Nitish. Like them, Arvind will never develop a strong second man in the party to lead it in his a sense or after him. That is dangerous for a party who aims to rule India. Will 2014 bring a hope for India to get back on track of very much necessary high growth and prosperity for all in next ten years?

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