Advani Revolt and Lessons

I am neither Advani nor NR Narayana Murthy. Both are in news, one for his unexpected resignation and for his recall after retirement.

In my professional life I faced a situation similar to what Modi is facing. I have documented my story in my photo-biography ‘Over the Years’ on my website.

“I can’t forget one incident of those days. I (1961) was the first among the graduate engineers from 1960 and 1961 batches to get promoted as superintendent. The seniors didn’t like that and went to Mr. BM Sharda, the Manufacturing Manager to protest. They took my friend Sandip Mehta too along with them. The same evening Mr. Sharda called me, informed about the objection raised by my seniors and asked, “How’s that Mehta was also with them? You have been kept on talking so high about him.” Next day I sent a note to Sandip Bhai, “How would you have reacted if you would have been working for Dilip (his younger brother) and the same would have happened?” Sandip Bhai came running. He was really repenting. It was some other senior who had pulled him along in the group.” Many seniors worked for me. And at the fag end of my stay in HM, I had to work for much younger and junior person brought in from another plant. For good working of an organisation, these things should hardly matter.

I was also recalled to run a division, when the managers couldn’t run it. Fortunately, I could give much better results than what was expected.

I know politics is a different game, but human beings are same. Media is questioning about the Advani if it is Advani vs. Modi, or Advani vs. RSS. I feel Advani is having a fight between Advani vs. Advani. Advani is not able to reconcile that he is 85. Someone from younger generation should take over and he can’t have a veto power in the decision of the organization anymore. Advani is not able to hear the voices of the cadres and the younger generation of the countrymen.

By his resignation letter, he had made all BJP ‘s leaders pigmy through the content of his resignation letter: ” Most of our leaders are now concerned just with their personal agendas.” What more damaging statement could one make about his own leaders who have been groomed by the same man?

Surveys after surveys conducted by different agencies in the country never placed Advani even near the top, whereas Modi has become people’s darling, if some surveys are to be believed. It was also evident when he addressed the students of Shri Ram College, Delhi or CII conclave. The survey, conducted by GFK for CNN-IBN, finds that 38 per cent of respondents prefer Narendra Modi as PM, while Manmohan Singh weighs in at a measly 13 per cent and Rahul Gandhi fares only slightly better at 14 per cent.

Yesterday, I heard a good analogy from Ramayana. When Parsuram came to know the strength of Rama, Parasuram bowed to him and went to forest for tapasya. Advani would have taken lessons from the story. Advani would have been silent and kept his position of mentor safe and respectable. In every family today, the eldest is to work hard to maintain his respectability of the younger generation.

Modi is today certainly the most popular leader of the country, though no one can predict if he can get the results expected out of him. But Advani’s resignation and adamancy can only benefit those in opposition. Modi will have to be tactful and humble, must seek interview with Advani and seek his blessings. BJP if wants to be in the race to run the government of the country must remain united. The party will be tested in the next election once for ever. It will have win what all sane people of the country wish.

Sonia and Rahul with their sycophants will be very happy today.

The people of India never expected this from Advani. How can he keep himself in the fray at this age. Afterall, he is not holding an appointed post as Manmohan does. Moreover, it was for Atal and Advani to prepare someone to succeed them.

I wish BJP gets over the problem with the old man and lay down a democratic system to elect the best among top leaders to lead the party and the country.

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