Another Season, My Repeat Appeal

It is again the season of final and entrance examinations at various levels in various streams. I will sincerely repeat my appeal to the students going for IITs and other institutes of higher education for professional subjects.

Let the candidates appearing for IIT-JEE and other examinations for admission in thousands of the engineering institutes and management schools realize that they must have the aptitude and interest in the subject and will join the profession that the completion of the courses provides.

India needs great engineers for the various sectors, be it civil for skyscrapers, convention centre, super-specialty hospitals hotels and malls coming up in every part of the country or be it metallurgists for the steel plants and be it chemical for the pharmaceutical industry where India leads.

The country spend huge amount in educating and training them in these world class institutes. They are expected to innovate new products and processes in various industries so that the country can compete with other nations in the world. When these brilliant students after four years of training join management institutes or go for competing for union public services, the country is looser.

Let the prospective engineers realize that it is not necessary that only a person with MBA diploma can only become managers, they will be managers even if as graduate engineers they join and remain in the industry for few years. And let me try to convince them that they will be better managers. How can an MBA with no domain knowledge of the sector become a good manager?

Please don’t create a situation where the regulatory bodies are forced to stop the entry of the fresh engineering graduates to regular management courses provided by IIMs and other schools if they have experience of at least five years in the industry.

The bosses in the industry are the worst culprit for the situation as it is today. They pay much higher entry packages to the management graduates in comparison with the graduates, post graduates, or PhDs in engineering. They must realize their mistakes and mend or reverse the system. Please appreciate that the management as major subject was pioneered by US and today even with the great managers, the US economy is going down the hill.

How is the country benefited by selecting a doctor and putting him as district magistrate or an engineer as financial analyst? What is the use of his education and training as medical graduate or engineer?

Can a management graduate look after the R&D function, or maintenance of a power plant?

When we around to the successful economies of the countries such as Japan, the Republic of Korea, and now China, we find that rapid industrialization and growth in exports have been driven by the hundreds and thousands of innovations in product and process development that was furthered because of a powerful coalition between government, industry and research and academia.

After your higher secondary examination, you can even join applied science and humanities graduate courses such as physics, chemistry and mathematics or even geology as well as economics and geography or social science or any of the newer ones that many of the good colleges are providing.

Please give due weight to my appeal, focus on the domain knowledge and be a practical person and innovator wherever you work. Only with great engineering and scientific skills, we can come in league of developed nations as Japan did and China is on the way.
PS Nitish Kumar, chief Minister Bihar expressed surprise over several IITians aspiring to become civil servants:“This is the age of specialisation and only those who have interest in serving the people should opt for such examinations. After all, they have to serve the people and it should reflect in their behaviour.”

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