Insensitive Manmohan, Be Effective

It is another thing that Manmohan is not a great speaker who can impress or convince Indian crowd. But the more worrying is that perhaps the people don’t trust his appeal and promises. So it is not surprising, if his televised address to the nation remained ineffective. The protesters didn’t shun the agitation, and have been continuing it till date. But why couldn’t he be prompt?

I don’t understand why is Manmohan so insensitive or so late in responding every time a crisis comes. It happened in all the dealings, be it with Anna or Ramdev, or for that matter in handling the last year riots between Bodos and migrants in Assam, even though Assam must be special to him, as it is his constituency. It again happened in the chaos created by his policy announcement on the price rise of diesel and FDI in multi-brand retails. For many days, the parliament didn’t do any business. Is he personally responsible for it or the responsibilities lie somewhere else, may be with his officers who advise him? But can he be excused for these lapses?

Naturally the next question is something like this. Does Manmohan wait till Sonia Gandhi clears his plan of action or tells him? Does Sonia also wait for Ahmed Patel or Rahul-Priyanka to clear the decisions on actions?

Who stops Manmohan to take opposition or other parties in confidence? In the present crisis too, the heaven would not have fallen, if he would have called an all party meeting or a special session of parliament. If he has failed to create an informal channel of communication with opposition, how can he make them agree on many important issues facing the country? Is it again the wish of Sonia Gandhi? If the answer is yes then naturally one can’t blame Manmohan. But is he to wait for Sonia to decide to resign or retire too? Is Manmohan also like Sachin unable to make up his mind about retiring for creating some bigger record?

Being a technocrat and so much learned, Manmohan would have been above the ego for the interest of the country. Manmohan is also failing in deciding on the top priorities of the nation.

It would have been really a great thing, if he would have called an all party meet about the nation’s present financial crisis and the way out. Could not he convince and won over all the political parties to have a list of agreeable actions that could overcome the present financial crisis, be it of growth, or fiscal deficit or even the gold import control, or at least the most important of all, the land acquisition and environmental issues that are holding up few lakh crores worth of projects that could have pushed the growth rate. Why will not all agree for at least some of the actions such as land acquisition or education related issues?

Why should the persons in different parties be treated as untouchables and so arrogantly? As we learn in management schools, in present scenario, the participative management is the best. Let Sonia, Manmohan and his ministers not be arrogant and inaccessible. Otherwise as it appears with the protesters continuing for a cause so long, India may see troublesome days ahead, as may African countries are famous for.

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