Barbaric India

It is perhaps sixth day after a medical student with her friend waiting to return home became victim of a terrible attack by a group of beasts though they were human beings as the society call such persons. She is fighting for her life. She is from

The whole country is in rage. A large number of youngsters from schools, colleges and offices along with some elders too are on road in Delhi and other parts of India. The protesters want an assurance of security of women from those who are running the government.

TV news channels but for Dec 20 are covering the protests through live reports as well as discussions and debates. One channel transmitted a long interview of the chief minister of Delhi who is herself and woman. The secretary of Home ministry and the commissioner of police of Delhi conducted a press conference yesterday that hardly made the people on the streets feel sure about some actions that could make them confident about their security in future.

It is unfortunate that even after so much of anguish and anger expressed by the protesters, none of the political leaders from the ruling and opposition parties living in Delhi appeared and tried to pacify them. Why couldn’t the prime minister along with the leaders of the opposition address the protesters?

1. The whole situation can get changed in just one day. Let the guards and police protection provided to the VIPs and their family members be removed. Once they will be forced to depend on regular police force, the police department will start working effectively and efficiently. Why should they get it at the cost of so many crimes against the commoners of the country?

2. Moreover, the demonstrators have spared the judiciary that takes years to clear even the ordinary cases and provide justice in favor of the criminals at the slightest doubt- real or imaginary.

3. But my real appeal will be to parents and the children to get ready for such a situation by skill physical training as well as using digital gadget such as mobile phones with effective applications loaded in it.Some very useful applications are already available. for mobile phone

The society and its leaders-formal and informal, parents and teachers will have to be serious in building values in the next generation and that beastly behaviors will be heavily punished.

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