Does Anyone Believe Manmohan?

India is in a fix. Who is right? Manmohan Singh’s ministers or IAC led now by Arvind Kejriwal? And many are worried too. Where will the inaction and silence of Manmohan Singh and the revelation-after-revelation of Arvind or IAC will take the country particularly its economy?

It is no more the opposition that took initiative to raise the voices against the major scams of CWG, 2G, and then coalgate. It is no more the opposition that forced the resignations of the ministers and demanded that of Manmohan Singh also. It is now the aam aadami represented by Arvind and supported by the legal luminary father-son who is demanding it. While the charges on the son-in-law of the first family run into hundreds of crores, the one on the trust named after a former educationist president and run by a minister’s wife is for under a crore or in reality may be few lakhs.

And today, almost all politicians of varying hues are surprisingly quiet as they themselves are afraid to be named. One such name is certainly that of the HRD minister. The other one from the opposition claiming to have clear conscience has bravely bared himself open for investigation.

Surprisingly, the sycophants of the government who fell upon each other to defend the son-in-law are no more visible, as the first one among them to defend is himself under fire. While the son-in-law has closed his Facebook account where he had reacted calling India a banana republic, gone silent, the family that considers itself producing the de-facto most powerful emperors for the country is almost invisible in media. That is something unusual.

It appears the gusto of announcements of so-called reforms now remains only with the finance minister.

I don’t understand if the officers and the babus of the government or the business community or the people at large believe when Manmohan says something, even though it may be warning to the companies against bribing.

TV channels have already started debating: ‘India is ripe for revolution’

Can one day the anger of aam aadami envelope also the capitalists who are hell bent on taking the advantages of the weaknesses of the politicians?

Interestingly, Manmohan wishes to solve the issues raised by IAC by silence and perhaps he has also advised the first family for following the same prescription to counter the negativity and sullied image of the nation that was being projected by Kejriwal and his IAC. “Silence is golden, and dumb people make no enemies, just like dead men tell no tales/” And the family is taking it lightly. No one can harm the rulers.

Is it not a worrisome situation?

I wish the constitution could have isolated the country’s economy from politics.

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