Kejriwal vs. Vadra

We must know the difference between the two and their backgrounds before making any comments based on what media say or show. Many in India even today may not be knowing much about the two. But both have a potential to become important one day in politics of India. In case of one, it will require the permission of the mother-in-law, but the other one is already on the difficult entrepreneurship of raising a political party of his own. 

Arvind Kejriwal is one of those alumni of IIT, Kharagpur, my own institute who instead of pursuing technology decided to join lucrative UPSC. I don’t like those finishing four years of rigorous training in technology joining IIMs or or striving for administrative services. I am biased and consider this as waste of the money spent. However, Kejriwal must have realized his mistake and then decided to an NGO and did wonderful job for RTI.

Kejriwal is leading ‘India After Corruption’ assisted by father son combo of Bhushans , the experienced lawyers and a large number of intellectuals representing the aspirations of the middle class of India. Anna is no more the father figure of the new battle against corruption. 

I had a great respect for Nehruji and to certain extent for Indira too. But I didn’t like the enthronement  of Sonia. She didn’t deserve it on her own.  I don’t know the educational background of Robert Vadra and early professional engagements. However, one can easily find that. 

Robert Vadra, till recently, was known only for his marital relation with Priyanka, the daughter of Sonia Gandhi who heads the oldest political party of Mahatma and runs it as her fiefdom. Vadra is not in politics. as the country has now come to know that he is a business man worth may be Rs 1000 crore or more.

Why should the ministers as senior as Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid , Moily known for integrity as well as the loyalists such as Ambika Soni, Jayanti Natrajan and Rajiv Shukla along with battalion of the Congress spokespersons come out in defending Vadra against whom Kejriwal and his team has come out with serious allegations? One one hand they call Vadra an ordinary citizen of India, on the other the whole government and party machinery is full time busy in claiming Vadra’s innocence and righteousness as business man.

As alleged by India Against Corruption (IAC) activists Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal, the realty giant DLF gave properties, currently valued at around Rs 500 crore, to Sonia Gandhi’s son-in law Robert Vadra at grossly undervalued rates in exchange for favours it allegedly received from Congress state governments in Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi.

It will be really great if Kejriwal team succeeds in its plans to form a political party that becomes acceptable to the new generation of the whole country. The country can be free from the parties dominated by certain castes, communities, or certain families. Perhaps that is or should be the dream Of every honest Indian. 

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1 Response to Kejriwal vs. Vadra

  1. jkchaturvedi says:

    Your article is in contrast to what I feel. I am an individual who is not biased by any party, caste or community. With regards to that, I feel that Kejriwal & Co. are seeking attention. They are not targeting others who have also been benefited by the policies of the Government to promote Industrialization & development. Here, I want to draw attention to the Adani group & The Tata Nano establishment in Gujarat.

    With warm regards.

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