For Parents of School-going Children

It’s again the examination time, be it finals or entrance examinations. Examinees as well as guardians or parents are equally stressed. While the coaching centres including private tuition sector remain crowded, the schools appear deserted. Teachers have shifted to the coaching centres or doing a fair business from home itself. The traditional schools and institutions but for some, are today just the registering centres and not for holding classes and teaching or completing syllabus of the courses. Are you one of such a lot of parents?

Attaining excellence in education is long drawn process. It demands sacrifices from the students as well as parents with no outing, no TV, no partying and many things. Lucky are very few who don’t make such sacrifices and still their children excel.

As your child starts growing, you will have to change your life style a little and create an ambience for the child to get interested in study and school. Please start buying good books and magazines and engage yourselves in reading them in your spare time. Your interest at home influences your child immensely. The child must perceive that studying through books aided by the school teachers, supervising parents, tutors or friends will be good for his or her life.

You must keep a close watch on the interest of your child. Please notice if by the time your child reaches class VII standard exhibits a clear cut interest. Don’t force him to prepare for becoming engineers that has become the major thrust of parents these days. It will be excellent if his activity indicate an aptitude for becoming engineer.

Are you one of those parents who wish to see your child into IITs or any other engineering institutes with good ranking? If he is among the top five in his class with good interest and scores in science and mathematics, you can try for these top engineering colleges.

If you do really wish to and your ward also wants to prefer, don’t loose heart even he doesn’t get into these top institutes. There are many tier I and tier 2 engineering colleges. Those are equally good. Try to impress on your child that the name of the college behind the degree of engineering hardly matters once he gets in to real career.

If your child has not succeeded to enter in IITs or the targeted institute, there is nothing to worry. Please appreciate that only 1-2% succeeds out of about 5 lakhs of the students who appear for the entrance examination every year. Don’t waste time and money for going one more time for coaching. Instead try to get into the best possible private engineering college suited to your means. If your child works hard, he will become equally good engineer. I found a large number of the engineers from unknown and unheard of engineering colleges doing really good in American companies in US or in MNCs in India.

I have some advices for those whose children succeed to get into engineering.

Once your gets into engineering course and starts liking it, please dissuade him to get engaged in preparing for MBA or UPS examinations that has become a practice now with the engineering students. One must go for MBA only after an experience of 4-5 years at work. Unfortunately except for some institutes such as ISB, other institutes do allow fresh graduates for its MBA course. But then why did one go for engineering? One can do equally good by going for MBA even after any graduate course of his choice?
While in the final year of engineering, your ward has few other options too besides joining a company. Why should he not go for further studies such as M.Tech or Ph.D.? Many tech industries now prefer persons with higher qualification with R&D and innovation becoming a very important activity in this competitive world.

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