2011: The Year of Shame or Pride?

Was 2011 a year of shame as many call it or a year of pride as the other group claims? Never in the history of Independent India had so many ministers and executives were in Tihar for different scams. Never a chief minister sacked so many ministers as in UP. Far in South, a chief minister got detained for land scam because Lok Ayukta wanted that.

Should 2011 be not a year of pride that a simple man such as Anna Hazare made millions to come on streets to fight corruption? After many years India saw the rejuvenation of younger India participating against a serious national malady such as corruption. Was it not something to pride that the parliament that hardly work, sat for passing one Bill demanded by the people and witnessed some of the best debates? August 27 and the debate producing the sense of the house was the pinnacle of the parliamentary democracy and the midnight shaming chaos and fiasco on the floor of Rajya Sabha on December 29 was the worst of the caricatures of the parliamentary democracy.

A corruption-tainted UPA government hibernated suffering policy paralysis and one could see a great finance minister of 1991 really at loss and almost helpless as prime minister of the country. And the people of the country found themselves almost leaderless. Economy slowed, Sensex bottomed. Inflation appeared unmanageable and rupee lost its value the most. Both the economist prime minister and finance minister kept themselves in blaming the external factors as reasons without taking even any significant step of their own. But more shaming they did never try to consult the opposition to take them on the same side to face the trouble with some bold steps.

However, some news reports kept the hope alive,

The young students got Aakash for them in 2011. Indians bought almost 3 lakh of branded tablets in 2011.Indian schools, teachers and educationists are conscious of the shortcomings of its education sector and trying to work on ways out through technology. Tablets are getting popular. Some are trying to reach rural India too.

India is far behind in agriculture productivity. Yield is poor. But that is the potential too. A young farmer in Nalanda, Sumant, set a new world record in paddy production. Sumant managed to grow 224 quintals of paddy per hectare beating the world record held by Chinese farm scientist Yuan Longping.

Even the 2011 World Bank report ranked India 132 among nations for the ease of doing business. And the government fails to take a note of it. However, the zeal of Indian entrepreneurship of the young Indians is moving ahead providing pride and making even the advanced countries to envy it. Flipkart and Educom are the examples from the many doing wonderfully well commercially. Even the Dalit entrepreneurs are contributing significantly. And it is happening in spite of the poor governance. India story is moving ahead to get noticed.

At least 11 achievers of Indian origin were among the 360 people featured on the list ‘30 Under 30’ list compiled by the American business magazine Forbes—of people that it says will “reinvent the world”—would only reinforce that notion.

I am sure the government and the politicians are conscious about the aspirations of the millions of the young Indians. And they will take notice of it and change themselves.

2012 will make up the wrongs happened in 2011 and every Indian will do something significant and innovative that will add to the strength of the nation to make it reach to the top.

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