Rajat, Dr. Rajat Singh: The boy from HM Colony

Late in the evening of August 4, Mrs. Lakshman Singh called us and informed that Hindustan Times, New Delhi, has some news about the research of her son, Rajat, now Dr. Rajat Singh on page 17. She wanted if I read HT. I don’t, but then I promised the excited mother that I would find out and inform. I could locate the news report: ‘Dieting can force you to eat more:
‘An Indian-origin scientist has come up with an explanation to one of the most sought-after questions of obese people why it is so frustratingly difficult to stick to a diet?’

Dr. Rajat Singh of Albert Einstein College of Medicine has been able to find the answer. I couldn’t understand the rest of it. However, the research has found mention in mediawirh many reports and blogs including one in Los Angles Times.

Rajat Singh, M.D., M.B.,B.S. is also Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Endocrinology) and Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology at Albert Einstein college of Medicine.

If you can understand, here is how it will be made possible. ‘The new findings in mice suggest that treatments aimed at blocking autophagy may prove useful as hunger-fighting weapons in the war against obesity.’

Rajat was born in Hind Motor Hospital and grew in Hind Motors colony. He was the second son of Mrs. Bina Singh and Lakshman Singh. Mrs. Singh was the senior most teacher in the HM’s Nursery school and Lakshman Singh was in Engine plant of M/s Hindustan Motors Ltd. at Hind Motors plant.

Rajat did his MBBS from Calcutta Medical College and MD from AIIMS, Chandigarh.

The success story of the children from HM Colony always provides me a nostalgic happiness. I wish I could get more such reports.
I can only request Rajat to find a usual obesity that is pretty common and related to having only big pot belly

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