President of RWA, Sector 41, Noida : an Extraordinary Appeal

After many months, I felt an inner urge to write this letter rather an appeal in the interest of the sector’s residents. The latest Samvada has published two entries one from the reigning President of RWA and the other from the leader of so called opposition. Before proceeding, I want to tell both of them that none of the residents feel like reading such correspondences. We have not decided to live in this sector for reading such letters. We wish to live in peace in a community with pleasing social ambience.

The incumbent executive including the president have run the RWA for many years. They have mastered the art and science to keep on winning. It doesn’t mean that the majority of the residents really love them to continue. For a change, why should not they on their own decide not to contest the election and allow new aspirants to come? I know that as per the constitution it is not required. A president may keep on winning the election and retaining the reign till end of his life like many in Arab countries. And the residents will hardly bother.

I will again appeal to all the office bearers that they on their own must discard the office after a reign of two years. I wish it should be incorporated in the constitution of the RWA and for that matter it should be universally applied. Citing example from the country’s political scenario, the communists in West Bengal kept on winning election; it didn’t mean they were liked by the people of the state and finally they were thrown out. Why should it happen in a residential complex?

I am sure every resident of the sector will love my idea and the incumbent will become more respected.

I have few more things to share with residents of the sector.

The sector is too big for fellowship to develop. RWA must divest its resources to develop each block. The block representative must be a leader good enough to organize many get-togethers to develop the necessary fellowships among 150-170 families living in that many houses. The families must know each other and in long run be of help to each other if required.

The community of the sector must be more active to make its member contribute more to the community around, such as the families and the needy persons in the village or for the people working for the sector and providing various services. It may be providing the healthcare services, skill training or education to those who can’t access and afford. With so many of wealthy people and with so much of resources, we can certainly do something to make a difference in the quality of life of those deprived ones that can be example for other sectors of Noida.

Further, as I don’t know the fate of the next election, I request the next President or the executive that come for two more things:
Please have a good library in the community centre with bookshelves lined up all along the walls to provide an impetus to the young population of the sector to join the knowledge society. Many ministries are offering various aids.

Please create some playgrounds for the kids wherever there are some vacant areas such as one in our A Block. Unfortunately Noida Authority has totally missed this aspect in its planning.

I request the executives to make the sector look a little better. Encourage for a little effort and self constraint from the residents.

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