Will Anna Hazare’s Movement End Corruption?

I have been watching Hazare’s movement, hype or drama against corruption closely. I was very much enthused once. But it appears that it is not the battle against corruption. It’s for a limited purpose to get the Jan Lok Pal Bill that can’t prevent corruption that has spread to all levels and in every field of governance.

Will Lok Pal Bill prevent the commission considered almost legal now in every work that’s undertaken through tenders?

Will the Bill prevent the doctors’ commission and benefits coming out from pharma companies or pathology labs for prescribing medicines or recommending the lab?

Will the Bill advise government to have all payments through cheques and cards?

And above all, how will it eliminate the corruption related to India Inc.A recent study by research firm Marketing and Development Research Associates (MDRA) showed that 9 out of 10 employees working in private firms feel that corruption or fraud is a common phenomenon in corporate India.

The nation requires a change of mindset of the people in the civil society that must encourage only honest way of creating wealth.

I was perhaps expecting a little too much from Hazare Movement. But it appears it’s for getting some particular individuals in committee that will draft the Bill and head the committee. It has been perhaps more for getting the attention and publicity of some individuals. Why is the movement giving so much of prominence to Arvind Kejriwal and swami Agbivesh? How have they become the right and left hands of Hazare? Interestingly, even many in India don’t know sufficiently about Hazare. Is it not another loss of face for the already tainted government that had already agreed to most of the demand? The government hardly looses anything by accepting the remaing. The 72-year-old activist who claimed it as “India’s second freedom struggle” is likely to end his four-day hunger strike tonight.

Why can’t there be a special session of parliament instead of waiting for monsoon session to finalise and adopt the Lok Pal Bill if the country unanimously agrees that it will end corruption and if it is so critical for inclusive growth by no less than an important person such as Pranab Mukherji?

Is it not too little out of such a highly hyped mass movement?

What is more important- Lok Pal Bill or the end of corruption?

The brokers of the government have perhaps again won the battle that was never there at all.

Should Indians not dream for the time when no one will ask or expect a bribe for getting something legal done?

And finally Anna Hazare ended fast after 97 hours.

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