Can Activists Make India Corruption-free?

Veteran social activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday began a fast unto death in the capital demanding enactment of a comprehensive Lokpal Bill to give wider powers to Ombudsman to check corruption. Many or all of India but the ruling party are with him. But there are many questions and doubts too. Will he be able to or be allowed to carry it on till he achieves the goal- the Second Independence war of Indians? Why is even a non-political prime minister so insensitive to the critical issue?

I have few alternatives or additional points to Anna’s prescription. Can the government of India give an open commercial order to five of the major IT companies to make all the system of government working transparent, even if it means an investment of Rs 1,00,000 crore? Can some like Nandan Nilekani be given the responsibility of its execution in a time frame of two years?

Will the political parties agree to avoid taking any person with any charge as it happened in CVC case? Will every person be asked to clear himself from the charges through fast judicial processes without any official immunity?

Will the industrialists such as Anil Ambani and Ratan Tata and their peers take an oath in public for not doing anything to get the unethical business advantage with under table means and make all their dealings with the government and its officers transparent? Can they say convincingly that they can’t succeed in their business without the foul means? Should not the bribers, particularly the biggies, be treated as equally responsible as the bribed?

Let the industrialists participate and make the country what it can become without following corrupt means. If they don’t, the people will force them to do that. After all they are in business for the society in which they survive. They would not have any existence if the society or the majority of it in trouble.

The benefits of growth can’t spread widely among India’s 1.2 billion residents with such a high top level corruption that breeds it in every nook and corner of every day working.

It’s certainly ‘the national calamity’, as Premji says and the nation must get over it by all means.

With the media feed, aspirations are increasing and those left behind are no longer content to live out their lives miserably. And those who matter must realize its disastrous consequences.

The euphoria of win of world cup can’t help those in government or waiting to be in government to sit on accountability, reforms and transparency for very long.

The nation will discard any system that ensures benefits to about 200 million people with more than about 800 or more million just watching and waiting. Every time I visit my village I get a feel of it.

I wish Anna an effective win.

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