A Letter to CM, Bihar

Dear Nitish Kumarji

Giving you the benefit of doubt, I infer that you are too busy to come with a mission statement for the next five years on your blog. Actually I wished you to write about what you expect from various classes to make Bihar grow as according to your dream. Towards the end of this tenure you should not say that the people didn’t cooperate.

I shall certainly expect certain outcomes as indicator of his success.

Each and every child must reach and be in the schools. Bihar government must get Premji Foundation or some similar reputed agency, involved for improving the quality of teaching. Even it can encourage the model followed by Chandrakant Singh in his Chaitanya Gurukul Public School.

As the health minister announced, I expect that every panchayat will have a health centre and a preventive approach for it through a yoga centre. Compulsory physical training in school curricula can help in this direction. For information, my own village still lacks a health centre. Can the government ensure that all deliveries will be under the supervision of trained midwives? I wish the panchayat head be made accountable for this. As I understand in many panchayats, it’s not happening because of the local politics. Further, the government must involve and seek participation from the community. Many will like to participate in this mission of health care and education. Why can’t every panchayat constitute a body to look after the two basic infrastructures? If I wish to donate for an ambulance for my panchayat who will take the responsibility to effectively use it?

It is unfortunate but fact many, if not most, of the village heads Mukhiyas are busy for their own gains and aam aadami are scared to talk with them, There are hardly any general body meeting or dialogues among the villagers.

The main thrust is to be on creating jobs particularly in the rural areas. It requires an innovative approach. For example, can you appeal and encourage some 100 selected teachers and students of the management institutes to make the subject their project and come out with some implementable ideas? You can also appeal to the trade and business associations of the state to suggest ways and means and take actions to use the educated and skilled human resources, particularly women, in the villages to manufacture and produce items that they can market.

I hope there will be some visible actions.

With regards

Indra Roy Sharma

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