Gandhis Are failing India

Kashmir is burning. All the country men are watching the situation with immense interest. But the government is indecisive. The country doesn’t have a Prime Minister who takes the responsibility of the situation, as Gandhis have placed him in the chair. He hardly knows till date his scope of authority. And the Prime Minister in waiting doesn’t have Kashmir or for that matter any of the critical problems of the country on his priority. He is busy in building his party. If I am wrong, can anyone on earth tell me if Man Mohan Singh or Mr. Chidambaram can find a solution of Kashmir or Naxalites?

I wish young Rahul Gandhi would have shown some real interest in these two most burning problems that can endanger the very existence of the nation. Instead of focusing on Bihar and charming the young women in Santi Niketan, Rahul Gandhi would have tried to get a personal feel of Kashmir problem. Fortunately, most of the leaders in Kashmir valley today are from younger generation and well educated. Rahul would have gone into a conclave with Omar and Mehbooba. He would have taken the help of Priyanks Gandhi too to deal with Mahbooba Mufti. He could have kept Sachin Pilot and his wife into his closer circle for discussion on Kashmir. He could have invited Yashin Mullick, Sajjad Lone and Mirwaiz for personal chat on the issue and would have impressed on the need of maintaining peace in the valley. Both Mirwaiz and Lone are sons of fathers gunned down by militants. Rahul could have understood from them the Kashmir first hand. His inherent leadership quality would have got a real test. I am sure the issues involved are much more than what appears in media. The informal dialogues light have helped into finding a permanent solution. Why is Rahul not taking such a drastic step? Why is he not getting involved in the real national issues of the day? Is Sonia Gandhi against his involvement or is Rahul scared about his security based on the advices of his inner circle or the intelligence?

Will Rahul agree that with each passing day, the problems will get accentuated if it is not solved fast enough with determination? Is not Rahul not making the problem insolvable even by him when he takes over as Prime minister that the whole nation knows he is to do very soon?

I still hope the Gandhis must take the control of the governance in hand if they feel that they can do any sacrifice for India and not allow the situation to slip beyond the possibility of bringing it back on track?

Today no Indian has any moral right to blame the opposition for this situation, as the main opposition has lost its respectability of Atal’s days.

All Indians wish a miracle to happen to put back the nation on right track. And so Gandhis must not wait any more and take a plunge to save the country with keep Kashmir and other regions as integral part of it or get out of the country’s politics.
PS: And when I expected written above, Rahul has come out with a statement on Kashmir: “Kashmir is a tough place and Omar is a youngster, give him time and support.” Doea the country expect only this much from the Prime Minister in waiting?

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