Failing to Deliver

If I self review or someone else looks into my performance of my entries in my blog, I am slowing steadily. I am slipping on my determination to write one page every day as my job of the day. There is no dearth of issues happening in this country of billion plus population. However, I fail to do that. Many a times I hardly feel like sitting on my working desk. Is it age or something else? Has the enthusiasm to express my opinions on various urgent issues of the nation or the state, died?

By nature, I can work on just one or two tasks in hand. However, even at this stage of life, we carry many responsibilities and with that it’s worries. It is not possible to isolate myself.

Since we returned from a trip to village home, Yamuna is having acute sciatica pain. Till date she hardly finds herself comfortable in carrying out even her routine personal tasks. Doctors and scientists have failed to find solutions of even age-old deceases. Why should we keep on claiming the miraculous advancement made in medical sciences and practices?

But I find it funnier if one doctor diagnoses it as a pain from deteriorated bone joints and other as one from nerves. I wish if a patient is under treatment for various ailments by different doctors, the concerned doctors must consult each other on own intiatives and discuss the side effects of any of the prescribed medicine. Yamuna is also having thyroid though now stabilized with a particular doze of medicine every day and acute gastric troubles for a long time.

We are to leave for US in next four days. We shall again go to the doctor today morning. He is at least very good to give an appointment today, though his assistant had refused. Yamuna is determined to take the trip. I don’t know how all that will happen.

I want to share something additional. The doctor has increased his fee from Rs 300 to Rs 400. Is not the increase too much, that too for the senior citizens living on own?

These and many such things keep me away from the writing desk and I keep on failing.

PS: From September 17 onwards, if we get on the flight, I shall be trying to write, but it will be from US.

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