And They Left

And finally they left us today early in the morning for US. With a duty to wake them up at 2.30 AM, I could hardly sleep for an hour. For me, it’s pretty usual and doesn’t cause any problem still. As such also, many a times I get up at very early hours.

The evening was really fulsome for me. I could come closer to Anvita. When I found her refusing to take any food to everyone, I tried my hand. It was a pleasure to see her jump from the bed every time I call her for taking the portion of puri and before that a piece of mango. Every child perhaps expects a personal care and loving approach. Kesav had taken his quota of Halwa prepared by his grandmother that he loves and asks for.

As an old man and a little emotional character I was trying to find out what all these kids have taken from their father, Rakesh. I was also watching Rakesh closely. Many of his ways and manners to behave in a particular situation have remained same.

I am amazed to find his love of books that’s almost similar to mine. For that matter, all the three have developed that trait. When I offered him some books from my collections that I finished reading, Rakesh picked up Gurucharan Das’s latest dealing with the Mahabharat’s characters, and Nandan Nilekani’s ‘Imagining India’. He wanted to take away one volume of the ‘Manufacturing Engineering Handbook’ too that dealt with manufacturing planning. I wish he would have done that. But the constraints of the limit of the weight of baggage prevented him to do that. His enterprise ‘reduces Total Product & Operations Cost for Hi-Tech electronics and Consumer goods companies, provides an innovative Lifecycle Cost approach that helps companies identify and minimize unaddressed costs,’ and works on the solutions of related problems. We all wish him success and pray for it.

Alpana as a good housewife had different tastes and priorities. But Yamuna and I loved her picking the black grams and peas that we got from Madhukarpur that would have gone waste as otherwise. We hardly take it as precaution advised by the doctor. Rakesh hardly gets involved into normal household tasks. Perhaps he has imbibed this from me. However, there is one difference and in Rakesh’s case, Alpana is working with an US company as Project Manager with a lot of responsibility and seriousness. And I am sure she will one day achieve what all I have been dreaming for years.

They left and we, two here in Noida will keep on waiting for a next visit from one of the three from US with eagerness and expectations of everything going on in ‘happy’ mode.

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