Girls: The Only Hope of Bihar

Nitish Kumar has started blogging. And interestingly, his first entry is about the cycles given to school going girls under ‘Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna’ that have changed their lives, more so their dreams. And Nitish’s blog has got a good response. I found a lot of comments. However, I don’t know why the comments get published only after a review by I don’t know whom. I am sure it is not Nitish who would have doing it personally.

With most of the rural habitations in Bihar having nothing more than a primary school, if the girls are to continue schooling at least upto class X, perhaps the cycles can only make it happen. Parents will have at least one excuse less for not educating the girl child. I wish all schools are connected with all weather roads too and panchayats take some steps for security.

I wonder if all these girls could teach their mothers and aunties at home in return of the gift of the cycles from the Chief Minister. CM may think of giving a monthly stipend of Rs 200 to all such girls.

Further, I request CM to get his ‘hoonar’ plans for minority extended to all girls without any barriers. At least one hoonar (skill) must be compulsorily imparted to all the girls going to the schools for classes above six. His education minister will have to provide the facility. The school can easily use the local talents, if available for training the girls at least.

I only wish if Nitish could make an additional appeal to all his party men and voters during the campaign for the forthcoming assembly election: ‘Send all the kids below 14 to schools’ and do everything to see that ‘sarv shiksha’ becomes a reality in Bihar.

And I can tell for sure, I am hopeful. A story in Outlook confirms that.

Last month, Anil Kumar Singh, a schoolteacher, decided to sink all his savings and start an English medium private school in Sikaria in Jehanabad even though there’s a government school not too far away. And in keeping with the new mood, the school has been named Ahimsa Vidyalaya by its proud owner. Indeed, Sikaria has become symbolic of the changes sweeping through what were once “the killing fields of central Bihar”.

I wish, many more teachers in Bihar with resources and passion for education must become entrepreneurs in education sector. It can be a social work with mission as well as money in time to come.

Education and skill training can only save Bihar. Let the potential be cashed by all who can.

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