Free and Compulsory Education for All: Mr. Sibal can do it

Kapil Sibal has given the nation an unprecedented opportunity to see the whole lot of children between 6-14 years of age properly educated and made the government responsible for it. I have a request for Mr. Kapil Sibal.

I know if I talk of the successful implementation of the Right of Education Act in the whole country including 6 lakh villages, some remote ones, perhaps many may consider it as a Utopian task. However, Mr. Sibal can set an example by attempting to implement the Act in few metros of the country where the stakeholders are better enlightened and empowered too and to see his dreams getting realized.

The country can give him a smaller geographical zone, say, New Delhi, and or if he likes, he can include NCRs to prove his plans. Why can’t Mr. Sibal persuade and use the army of junior ministers, secretaries, officers and staff members in his Human Resources ministry to supervise the implementation of the Act? With his own political party ruling the capital state and he himself being one of the MPs from one of the major areas, Mr. Sibal can make it happen easily.

Once Mr. Sibal get the Act implemented in a smaller state, the state can become the benchmark or the model to be followed by other states with only scaling up the effort.

So will Mr. Sibal start with filling the vacancies of teachers, training them, providing the basic infrastructure facilities, such as healthy class rooms with sitting facilities for each child, and separate well maintained good toilets for boys, girls and teachers, using technologies to supplement for good teaching and seeing that the top private schools admit 25% of its students from deprived classes of local communities?

Mr. Sibal can also appeal and use the private resources of rich families, industrial houses and assistance from many educationists and institutions settled in New Delhi to see his plans implemented.

Can the people of the capital expect to see its educational institutes as showpieces of the country in next few years?

I wish Mr. Sibal does that for a change and established that what can be preached can be implemented too.

If it is not done and proven on smaller geographical area, the Act will have similar fate as many other wonderfully good Acts that have not brought about any visible change in the country.

Many great politicians such as Nitish Kumar, Budhdha or Mayawati will make it fail by passing on the responsibility of failures of implementation to the centre for every bit the Act envisages.

I wish Sibal proves everyone, who is skeptical because of the overall requirement of Rs 2, 04,000 crore in fund in next five years and shortage of 12.9 lak teachers and their training as the tough hurdles to overcome, wrong with focused implementation plans.

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