India Moves ahead: Hope and Hope Allover

Sensex: If one can believe media, many things are happening that brings hope and delight for a better bright future. Sensex is slowly but steadily surging ahead. Some even predict it to reach 50,000 by 2015.

Order book:There are smiles on the faces of the CEOs of India Inc. Its order book at Rs 92,290 crore doubled in the fourth quarter (January-March) of the last financial year compared, to the year-ago period.

IPO: The Indian industry is likely to raise $30-35 billion (Rs1.34-1.56 trillion) through public sector divestment, initial public offerings (IPOs) of more than 50 companies.

Global India Inc: It’s not only Sunil Mittal’s Airtel getting into to the top five telecoms companies of the world. Vijay Mallya’s United Spirits Ltd (USL) has overtaken France’s Pernod Ricard SA to become the world’s second largest spirits firm by sales volume, and has its sights set on occupying the top spot within a year.

Manufacturing: Almost all the automakers of the world are now in India and are making it either the global manufacturing hub for its small cars or its R&D activities. Renault-Nissan was one of the last ones but has already put up a comprehensive strategy to make India its production hub for small cars. Ghosn has made public his desire to make India a key country in its global strategy.

Global Scale: Maruti has sold over a million units in a financial year and join the elite band of Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Renault, Hyundai, Suzuki and Nissan, which are among those producing a million units or more every year. Maruti sold 10,18,365 vehicles during 2009-10, of which 1,47,575 were exported.

India has now two of the world’s 10 largest car factories: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd’s factory in Gurgaon, which is at No. 3, and Hyundai Motor India Ltd’s in Chennai at No. 7, an indication not so much of the country’s growing market for cars or its emergence as an export hub, but, analysts say, of the unique nature of and the challenges involved in manufacturing in the country.

ISRO’s Achievements: ISRO’s first fully Indian-made GSLV satellite launcher with the critical indigenous cryogenic upper stage stands ready at its launch pad and will be flown on April 15 from the Sriharikota space centre. India’s space agency will launch in May five satellites, including a 120-kg remote sensing satellite from Algeria on a single rocket.

India is the first country to orbit 10 satellites in one single mission and the facilitator for a major discovery of water molecules and water ice on the lunar surface. Also, it is one of the six in the world with capability to make satellites and launch them from its own soil.

IPL’s Success: India’s hottest sporting property, Indian Premier League (IPL), is scoring heavily abroad as well. It exhibits the prowess of a unique innovation of business with sports.

Private Power: And as a welcome change for the first time, a spirited performance by the private sector has contributed to a record power capacity addition in 2009-10. A total of 9,585 MW of capacity was added during the last fiscal, of which 4,287 MW or 45 per cent was by private developers. If I go by media reports, increasing numbers of private entrepreneurs are getting into to power sector giving hope for solution of the problem in near future. The private companies are setting up plant to produce power equipment, wherever required importing it even from China, acquiring coal mines, and are participating in transmission and distribution too.

Booming Health care Sector: And India is writing these days a new chapter of growth in healthcare with massive boom in private hospitals with bleeding- edge technology, wonder drugs and star facilities. The health care market at Rs 2, 00,000 crore is growing at 16% year on year basis.

Indian Job Market: Further, unlike the western countries, Indian job market is hot making dreams of youngsters realized and even inviting even foreigners to limited extent. According to a report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the Indian economy will create 87.37 million new jobs by 2015. Interestingly, the most significant growth will come from the manufacturing sector, which will add 32% (27.88 million) of the new jobs.

It’s hope, hope all around.

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