Next Generation Kids: Fast Changing Priorities

While walking, I keep my eyes and ears open. I have not attainment faculty where I can shun hearing what is bad. Normally in my morning walk I keep chanting some slokas.

I was walking alone. From a distance I found a group of kids-boys and girls of age below or around ten years sitting in circle in the ground of the park in Sector 40. I could hear distinctly a girl asking a boy, “Do you have a girlfriend? Don’t you love her? Tell truthfully. sach sach bolna?” We have been asking similar questions to Keshav and Svanik sometimes jokingly for fun. Anad even narrates about one and half years Zach how he goes after the girls.

But somehow I got serious after hearing the stray talk of the kids. Most of them were from the housings for low-income group attached to the park. I started pondering over why the kids today have gone to that extent. Why couldn’t they talk about the subject taught or other things happening all around? Is it the effect of the TV and cinema culture?

I don’t know how we shall react if we hear Keshav, Anvita, Svanik or Emma asking similar questions today?

I came out with my observations few minutes ago with Popli when he joined me. He did also feel bad and kept on the poor and irrelevant programmes on hundreds of TV channels.

Should I consider my worry as one from the old men who don’t anything else to do or does it carry any lessons for parents and intellectuals who can change the situation as long term social evils cropping up?

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