Arpit is appearing for class X CBSE examination this year, and his sister, Anisha is in class VI. None of them has any of the national languages as subject of study in their course. Arpit has German as second language while Anisha has French. I was under impression that Hindi would be a compulsory subject up to Class X in CBSE. I was amazed that it is not like that. Beside English that is the main language and medium of instruction too, they have taken one another European language and not Hindi. This is the next generation’s choice. I mean the choice of our kids. Is this choice of the second languages meant for providing better prospect in professional career? Is not almost similar to Keshav and Svanik in USA? They will learn English and Spanish in their schools and not Hindi. Why is this allergy in India against our own language? I don’t know if it is happening in Southern states too.

I was shocked to hear from Arora that all the scripts in Bollywood are written in Roman script for Hindi pictures. Even a person such as Amitabh Bachchan, son of the famous Hindi poet of his time is to work with this constraint that he finds very difficult for him. A news report in Hindustan Times confirmed my apprehension. A story appeared on the subject. As reported, the 67-year-old star insists that Hindi dialogues be written in Devnagiri script.

English medium for schooling is expanding fast, because of the demands from the parents. The second highest number of students in India today goes to English medium schools. A report of English ingress in rural Madhya Pradesh says, ‘over time, most villagers have started sending their children to English medium schools in nearby Mhow’. And many get their children admitted in a boarding school as that is the only way to ensure the child’s proficiency in English.

I personally prefer every kid to be taught in his mother tongue at least up to class VIII. The kid can absorb and assimilate the subjects better.

English should certainly be a major language in school starting pretty early in life, and taught using new innovative methods to make every student proficient in it for all types of communication-reading, writing, and speaking.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of knowledge and skill of English, the students even after 10-12 years of training hardly learn the language well enough for the desired communication skill.

Thrust for improvement must be on this aspect of teaching that relates primarily with teachers. They require regular training and practice more than the students they teach.

However, the younger generation parents must think seriously over on their apathy against the culture and languages of the country. And if they decide to switch over totally to western languages, life styles, values and culture, let them go ahead.

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