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ITC and Future of Farming in Rural India

ITC through its rural initiatives such as e-Choupal network has provided a way out to bring prosperity for the farmers that interestingly must be one of the main priorities of any government. ITC’s e-Choupals today serve 40,000 villages and 4 … Continue reading

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India’s Scientific Heritage and Mathematics

Justice Markandey Katju, Judge, Supreme Court has deliberated wonderfully on ‘Sanskrit-Language of Science‘ providing a real insight into India’s scientific heritage and the great scientific achievements of our ancestors. I appeal every English-knowing Indian to read it and so I … Continue reading

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Bihar Science Congress: A Letter to Vikrmaditya

Dear Vikramaditya, In the Bihar Science Congress perhaps a significant number of academics, intellectuals and other celebrities of the state will deliberate. With politicians engaged almost more than 100% in vote politics and in making themselves rich, can those at … Continue reading

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मधुर यादें

हर रोज सबेरा हंसता है और शाम सदा मुस्काती है जीवन तट पर अब खड़े हुए कुछ मधुर याद आ जाती हैं परदादी का गा गाकर मुझे खिलाना कभी बुलाना चंदा मामा. ननिहाल की उस महरी का बार बार सभलायक … Continue reading

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