Imagining The Enchanting Tamil Nadu Trip

Since our visit to Port Blair, Andaman in March, we had been contemplating to visit Rameshwaram to complete our Char Dham Yatra to ensure salvation as Hindu scriptures prescribe. Earlier I thought to go to Rameshwar via Bangalore. I took the assistance of my helping friend OP using car. I wanted to do Hampi too that is among dream plans. Unfortunately both of my friends who had been accompanying me in my trips usually failed me at the last moment. But then I came to know of this tour that is conducted by Tamil Nadu tourism department through an ad in TOI. I preferred it as it was a Delhi-to-Delhi package. The tour covers Chennai, Mamallapuram, Punducherry, Thanjavur, Rameswaram, Kanniyakumari, Madurai, Kodaikanal, Tiruchirapalli, Kancheepuram, and Tirupathi starting on Nov 21 from New Delhi railway station and returning on Dec 4. We shall be accommodated at Hotels of Tamil Nadu Tourism. For the total package for two I paid Rs 34,300 because of the discounts as senior citizens. The charge for woman tourist is further discounted.

I visited Chennai during HM days very frequently in connection with Mitsubishi Project. But after I left HM, I never visited Chennai. I am sure it would have undergone a total transformation with so many global companies making it a destination. I would have loved to visit Hindustan Motors Plant in Chennai that manufactures few Mitsubishi vehicles. Let me see if I can make it.Perhaps with the itinerary fixed well in advance, it may not be possible.

I have decided not to blog during my tour this time and shall be leaving behind the laptop at Noida to wait for the return of the old man safely to provide his story of the days. And I imagine, one need not even need a camera unless he/she wishes to himself/herself in the frame of pictures. I was surprised with the numbers of pictures that I could see on Google image (You can see yourself by clicking the place).

With failing health, I pray the trip goes well.

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