Noida- Potential Knowledge City

I wish some of the Sibal’s plans for increasing access for education touches Noida too.

I appeal to Sibal to get a central university with innovation as the mission for Noida too and to help setting up a grand library to become ultimately the best in India. With much better connectivity, the Noida facilities can be used by the whole of the NCR. I have a dream that some HRD minister initiates to set up a university that has a college each from all the best universities of the world, an unprecedented showpiece of knowledge.

My appeal automatically must be taken as one to Mayawati too. I wish she participates and diverts some fund from her huge treasure for setting up this project, at least the world class library that can attract knowledge seeking people from far and near to Noida. Can’t that become a memorial immortalizing her name in history? Let her name it after herself that none, certainly not me, will mind.

On education front, Noida is pretty ahead. It has many top brands public schools. For example, every sector around mine has a big name. While sector 40 has Khaitan, sector 41 has Millennium, and sector 50 has Kothari International as well as Ramagya. There are many more-DPS, Cambridge, Bal Bharati, Mahavir, DAV, and others too. I do not know the exact capacity of these schools that teaches up to class XII with almost every sector with at least one.

According to a report, the highest number of seats for MBA and Engineering per capita in the country is in Noida. Noida with Greater Noida is an education hub besides many educational institutes for higher education in Ghaziabad and all along NH-24 with colleges of engineering and management. For house owners in this NCR, renting their houses for students has become a good business and part of economy.

Noida residents and the people from the towns and villages surrounding areas will get benefitted if a central university focusing on higher education and researches in all possible areas is set up in Noida. The library will be an additional attraction for the retiring intellectuals too to settle in Noida.

Hospitals calling themselves research institutes are also numerous. I wish some medical colleges with different specialty also get established

Surprisingly, Noida also has one of the worst literacy rates. Noida requires a large number of social entrepreneurs. Neither NGOs nor the corporate houses in Noida have done anything to see that all the children of temporary and migratory workers attend schools. With one of the most affluent population in Noida, can Noida Authority or associations of the public schools of Noida or some social entrepreneurs initiate a project to see that all its kids including those from its villages are in schools through a special door-to-door drive and see that they get educated? I do also foresee a lot of scope for some formal or even informal education programmes for the illiterate adults, particularly the women folks, serving the sectors in many ways. I am sure that will be a long term solution to the extremely poor law and order situation.

According to a survey based on well-thought forty measures published in ‘Business Today’, Noida ranks sixth among the best cities of India and above the coveted Bangalore and Pune.

With a little more effort and will, Noida can easily turn itself into a knowledge city and become envy of other satellite townships in the country.

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