Popli’s Prayer

Popli is older than me. He is one whom I find much younger for his age. He walks fast and covers more number of rounds than I do. Once I found him reciting his prayer while walking. I asked him to make it audible for me. He did and to me it was just fantastic. I requested him to give it to me so that I can share with my readers. I don’t know why he didn’t give it then and for a long time. However, now he has sent that with some note.

It has taken me over two years to compose the contents of this prayer which I venture to share with you as I truly think it has universal appeal. I say/recite this prayer at least twice daily if not more often and find it soothing. Of course before retiring to bed I use ‘Good night’ instead.


Good morning, Dear God!
The Omni-present, The Omni-potent,
The Omniscient and The Omni-protector
Please keep us safe, sound and healthy.

We beseech Thy blessings, Dear Lord!
Please lead us with Your kind hand
For the remaining leg of our journey
As You have been doing till date.

We thank Thee dear Lord for yesterday
We thank Thee for today and
We thank Thee for tomorrow.

Surely Dear Lord!
We thank Thee for every year of our existence
We thank Thee for each month of the year
We thank Thee for every day of the month
We thank Thee for every hour of the day
We thank Thee for every minute of the hour and
We thank Thee for every second of the minute.

In fact Dear Lord!
Remaining thankful to You in perpetuity
We thank Thee for everything in our lives
We thank Thee for the good food we eat and
We thank Thee for the invigorating,
Fresh exhilarating air we breathe.

Dear Lord! Please forgive us
Our faults, our misdeeds,
Our follies, our crimes of passion
Our acts of omission and commission
Our sins committed if any
In thought or in action, knowingly, unknowingly.

Dear God! Let everyone of our human beings
Of any race, of any faith,
Of any society, of any country
Be hale and hearty, happy and contented
In his/her walks of life where-ever he/she may be.

Dear Lord! Let our young ones become
Intelligent, obedient, disciplined, focused
Well mannered, well behaved, cultured, God-fearing,
Loving, caring and responsible citizens
Of the country, nay, of the universe
As they grow from their
Infancy to childhood to adolescence to adulthood
In the years to follow.

Dear Lord! At this stage of our lives, please spare us
Body-aches, body-pains, mental stress or
Disease of any nature what so ever.
In fact dear Lord! Let our body organs be
Kept functional in their well-knit, coordinated and
Systematic approach as desired by You.
Till such time You ordain us to be within
Your feet in the Heavenly abode above.

Dear Lord! Let there be joy, happiness and
Peace all around us.
In this context it becomes necessary,
Imperative and pertinent that
We human beings should have more
Tolerance for each other.
As in my opinion intolerance alone Leads to
Confusion, ego hassles, unnecessary arguments,
Violence, causing thereby,
Heart-burns and heart-aches.

Thus, Dear Lord! Please bestow upon us that
Extra spirit of tolerance and compassion for our fellow beings.

Dear Lord! Please empower us
To observe, notice, appreciate,
Conserve and preserve the nature’s beauty
Its bounties – flora and fauna.
After all these have been created by Your Goodself
With a purposeful meaning in life but
We mortals due to our ignorance
Can’t comprehend and visualize
Their true value, their true nature,
Their true worth, their true potential,
Their true assessment and their true importance.

Thus dear Lord please enlighten us, brighten us,
Remove our ignorance or else let us have faith of conviction that
We are in a position to be able to differentiate and avoid
What is not palatable to us rather than going into any frivolous argument on this count.

Dear Lord! We offer our prayers in all
Earnestness, sincerity and humility.
Please forgive if there be any lapse.
Accept the same thanks
Amen, Amen!
Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti!

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