From Noida to Salt Lake

The anxiety of a travel schedule for any purpose has always been troublesome for me. With growing age, it is more. But Nageswar whom I have called to look after my Noida house during my absence really provided an inexpressible delight when he told his age. He is older than me. I bet no one will agree with this after seeing him. I know some more persons, who have not changed significantly over the years I am seeing them.

Digital connectivity has made life easy. I was thinking of asking Anand to send his passport size photographs through courier when my former assistant KP Bose asked for one from Kolkata for getting some document from registry office. It never came to my mind that Internet can help. Shannon sent one fast enough an e-mail with Anand’s photograph as an attachment. Sunny Studio in Brahamputra Shopping Complex allowed me to access my G-mail and printed the photographs within minutes.

For keeping myself connected at salt lake I bought a Tata Indicom data card yesterday. Perhaps Kajol’s ad was the reason for selection of this technology for maintaining connectivity. However I can’t say about its efficiency unless they connect me, and that they will do only after verification of the address by some third party in next 24 or 48 hours. It is all because for the security reasons. I had to spend Rs 2770. That is perhaps more. For senior citizens, it must be less in era of Nano, or when a lap top can cost Rs 500.

If it doesn’t work, perhaps I shall not be able keep my blogging going. But let me hope for the best. For next few weeks we are shifting to salt lake, may be for the last or last but one time.

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