Changing India Bringing Hope

Satyam saga has shocked the nation. The World Bank revelations and bar against Wipro Technologies and Megasoft Ltd raise doubt about its real intention. Are all these the results of the suddenly slowing economy because of the global melt down started by some innovative and greedy Americans? Have Mumbai menace and the resulting war of words added fuel to the fire? It may be a challenging situation to face many tsunamis from different directions for the government and the people of India. But from all the gloom rises the hope for a stronger and agile nation.

Indian voters elected recently better legislators and good leaders as chief ministers in most of the state that went to poll. Kashmir created history with the voting percentage breaking all records even under the threats of the secessionists and electing the youngest chief minister who may change the course of the state activities from corrupt politics to development for the people. The people’s movement for the ending of the terror from the neighbouring country is spreading fast to prepare the people of their effective roles for any eventuality. Media such as India Today and NDTV have taken some unique initiatives.

Even the government very lately has come up with some bold decisive actions that bring hope. It handled the two nationwide anti-people and wrongly timed strikes of the highly paid oilmen and well off truckers with heavy hands and fast enough to affect the people at large badly. Let the people responsible take lesson. Interestingly, the union and the state governments worked in unison and the politicians with vested interested kept their mouths shut. The transporters and the employees of the public sector oil companies had to call off their strikes without making much damage. And some more news from different sectors provides the hope of better days ahead soon.

According to a study by market researcher Nielsen, India ranks foremost in consumer confidence as investors have been safeguarded by India’s relatively nascent financial markets. Indians are “the most optimistic lot globally who think that their country will be out of the economic recession in the next twelve months.” The Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence study polled more than 26,000 consumers across the globe about their confidence levels and economic outlook.

Even with the automobile market undergoing the worst of the time, the companies are fighting to boost the sales with innovative and globally competitive products. Mahindra and Mahindra has launched Xylo, a multi-purpose vehicle, targeting high-end consumers. Tata Motors is busy in bringing Nano to market. Infosys for the December 2008 quarter has come out with its robust results on the back of improved operational efficiency. Infosys, the country’s second largest IT exporter has reported substantial fall in its expenses including selling, marketing, general and administration (SG&A) costs thereby improving operating margin for the third quarter increased by 200 basis points (100 bps= 1%) 35.1% from the previous quarter.

Jammu and Kashmir government will set up 119 model villages in the state at an estimated cost of Rs142.80 crore with every village spending Rs 1.2 crore. Will the heavenly valley extend to its villages too?

And news from my home state makes me excited. Nitish Kumar in “Janata ke durbar mein mukhyamantri (CM in people’s court)” programme “will live in tents prepared by prisoners of Buxar jail in the villages. I will have night halt in the villages and will listen to the problem of the people.” I had similar suggestion in my blog from ‘Janta Durbar to Vikash Yatra‘.

Am I doing a mistake in dreaming positive?

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