IITians’ Remarkable Records

A report in media on the IITians makes me happy and I feel like sharing the data. I did never try to be an entrepreneur. Years ago, I came across Chidanand Rajghatta’s The Horse That Flew: How India’s Silicon Gurus Spread Their Wings, and after reading I gave the same to Alpana and Rakesh. Rakesh had graduated from IIT, Kharagpur. I don’t know if I had anyway influenced him to be entrepreneur. But he has his own enterprise in US, California. From among my batch mates, some have been entrepreneurs. I worked for one, Harig Crankshafts Ltd. Deshbir Singh owns Harig Group. As I was told by someone, GR Gupta manufactures rolling mills in Faridabad, and Thukrall electrical items. Shikhar Jain had a foundry in Ghaziabad, but that he has sold and now deals with shares. I don’t have information about the friends from south.

A survey says every IIT-ian has created 100 jobs and that every rupee spent on an IIT-ian has ‘created an economic impact of Rs 50 at the global level, half of which is India’s share’.

” IIT-ians have been involved in the creation of over 2 crore (20 million) new jobs.

” IITs have graduated about 200,000 students from the seven campuses since 1954 (including Roorkee before it became a full-fledged IIT). Of these, 40 per cent were from undergraduate programmes and 60 per cent from graduate programmes.

” IIT alumni in senior positions in industry and government, across the world today, have a budgetary responsibility for over $885 billion (Rs 40,00,000 crore).

” When measured across industry, government, entrepreneurial activity and scientific/technological innovations, IIT alumni have been associated with over $450 billion (Rs 20,00,000 crore) of incremental economic value creation.

” Of the IIT alumni who graduated prior to 2001, 40 per cent are in top leadership roles in corporations, educational institutions, research labs, NGOs, governmental agencies, politics, and as entrepreneurial heads of their own companies.

” Among the IIT alumni who are in top leadership roles, almost 70 per cent are currently based in India, with 20 per cent of these being those who come back to India after careers in other parts of the world.

” 54 per cent of the top 500 Indian companies currently have at least one IIT alumnus on their board of directors, and these companies have cumulative revenue ten times greater than that of other companies on the list.

” Twenty per cent of the IIT alumni work in research & education. About 75-80 per cent of IIT alumni in research & education continue to work in science and technology related areas. Half of the IIT alumni in research & education are based in India, and of these 40 per cent those who returned to India after careers abroad.

” Ten per cent IIT alumni are currently engaged in social transformation working in NGOs, government administration or politics, on programs relating to education, the environment, or poverty reduction, etc. IIT alumni working in this area have founded over a 1,000 NGOs.

” One in 10 IIT alumni has started their own companies, with over 40 per cent of them being serial entrepreneurs. Two-thirds of the companies founded are in India.

But one should not conclude that alumni from lesser known institutes have not done equally well. Many from even the institutes that hardly anyone knows have achieved great heights of achievements.

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