Childhood Revisited in US

We came to US on invitation and request of Shannon and Anand to be of some help to them. We reached Pleasanton on September 2008. We welcomed Krish on September 25, 2008 and thereafter tried to be good grandparent. These days were just great. I experienced the best of my life with Emma and Krish rather relived my childhood again. I had never spent so much time at a stretch with any of my grandchildren, for which I had remorse. I had scarce little experience of being involved with my own children some 36 years ago, when HM used to keep me engaged totally. Before coming, I doubted if I shall be able to handle Krish and play with him, as he will be just two months old before we live US. But Krish proved me wrong.

Every morning I enter the office room of Anand anytime between 3AM and 5AM for keeping myself in touch with the rest of the world and pen down my views on some issues of my interest. At around 6AM either Shannon or Anand bring Krish to me. Krish is at his best at that time-a serene calm face and pure pearl like, sleeping and waking, smiling and murmuring, perhaps conveying some divine message to me with his right hand fully open and raised. His innocent face appears cute and divine at that time. He knows his time of feed. His crying indicates the time. I feed a bottle of milk in between carefully holding him on shoulder for burping. He plays, perhaps converse and then sleeps.

Any time around 8.15 AM, Emma joins me with her favorite blankets, and gives a kiss. I warm her milk and now she has learnt to drink milk holding the bottle herself. After Shannon changes her night dress, I take her along with me on my morning walk encircling our residence through Valley Avenue and Paseo Santa Cruz. Emma is still learning the language we speak, but we keep on communicating with each other during the 30-40 minutes morning walk in the universal language that every grandfather and his grand-daughter understand. Emma at one year and few months excites and enlightens me time and again with her mechanical and creative traits.

Krish remains at home and keeps us engaged, while Emma mostly goes to Nancy at around 9.30 or so, and remains there up to evening when Shannon brings her back at around 5PM. I felt bad about it, but seeing the long term advantages and our old age, it was decided so. We keep on waiting for Emma’s return, and she brings the whole lot of happiness where every second is unique and delighting. Emma dances with the music of her toys or when Yamuna sings her pet self created lyric, ‘mannan mannan bhai mannan mannan’.

Evening chore of Emma dinner is something real interesting. Shannon uses all her skills to feed her, and after Emma finishes her dinner, it appears that she has used all her body and not only the mouth for dinner. But after dinner, Emma goes in her best mood and spirited energy that one can invariably see in her dancing and running. At 8.30 or so, Anand takes her for a bath and then sleep after taking some milk. During that time, we maintain total silence. I keep Krish and see that he does not cry. And thus we part with Krish and Emma to see them next morning again.

Emma and Krish both have taught me many things of childhood that I would not have known otherwise. But I can’t end without mentioning Bart, the pet that has been with Shannon since his childhood. Bart is member of the family as Yamuna keeps on calling him the ‘badka bhaiya’ of Emma. And on November 29, 2008 we are leaving for Noida, New Delhi with sweet memories of Krish and Emma and all the fun and delight that their company gave us.

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