Noida Hits me in Pleasanton

It’s 5AM here in Pleasanton. It must be evening in Noida. As usual, I am on my computer. The telephone rings. I don’t pick up assuming it as some marketing call. However, the message continues. My neighbor, Archana is on the other side.

Archana had gone to get my car lying outside the main door started today, as Ashok, her driver was going on leave. She found through the wire mesh on the steel gate on the main door that the doors inside are open. After sometime she informed me about a possible burglary. Burglars had opened the doors and steel almirahs of all the rooms. Materials were lying outside. What could I do? I asked her to get all the doors locked, if possible. There is no use in reporting to police. This is the third instance of thefts at my residence in Noida. Perhaps, to burglars, we are pretty rich.

They would have certainly got something useful or them. Everything can’t be put in locker. We didn’t leave anything inviting burglary. They would have considered my age and spared me. I got again a shock of life. However, how is it possible? In the huge lot of unemployed youths from all over the country in Noida, the risk would have been worth taking for some.

I don’t know if someone can help me out. It didn’t happen in earlier two cases. As usual, Yamuna keeps me blaming and I do the same. We had been going quite frequently in last five years. But nothing happened. We got complacent. Three thefts in 6years against two in six months that happened in 2003 are better statistics of law and order!

Anand suggests us to keep all the doors open. Rakesh also said the same when he came along with Alpana hearing the news. At least, it will eliminate the cost and trouble of the repair required after a burglary. This is the same India, where as per the Chinese travelers, the law and order was so good that the people never used locks.

Here in Pleasanton, Anands hardly lock anything. Sometimes, I become a little emotional, may be a little impractical too. Next time when we shall go out, we shall put a sticker saying, ‘Here are the keys. If you wish to burglar, please use them and don’t break the locks or door. Difficulties in getting the repair done in Noida are more worrisome.’ Or ‘We have kept the keys in a place near the main gate. Use your commonsense and search it. Please don’t take risk and break locks.’

But can we keep on living in Noida? Can we expect Noida to become Pleasanton?

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