Krish Arrives Today

Valleycare Medical Center, Pleasanton 7.58 AM Thursday September 2008,
Krish arrives. It is a great day for the family and us. Emma gets a brother. Anand and Shannon get a son.

Let the Almighty give Krish a very long life with sound health and mind. Let Mother Earth makes him strong and kind. Let Goddess of Wealth make him rich and compassionate. Let the Goddess of Learning make him learned and humble. Let all the Gods and Goddesses bestow on Krish their kindness and affection.

As grandparents, who have come here so far to welcome him, we give of our blessings in tons and request our acquaintances, relations, and friends to bless the new born.

My happiest moment today was the divine happiness on the face of one year plus Emma when she saw Krish for the first time. At this age, she tried to take Krish in her lap. God has given us everything in life. We can’t but just obliged to HIM.

‘Sarve Bhavantoo Sukhinah.’

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