An Appeal to NRIs

I have an appeal for all those who had some education in India and are now settled or working in developed foreign countries.

·Buy one Indian small car- Hyundai i10, Maruti Suzuki’s A Star, Alto, or Tata’s Nano over and above the one or more vehicles you already own. Many opine the Americans must start liking smaller cars. At least place an enquiry with your autodealer and find out if they know about these cars and are interested in importing one for you, if the Indian companies are not having its own outlets.

·Do you visit India? Do you remember the school and institutions you attended? Do your remember the teachers you respected and loved? When you come next time, make it a point to write a letter to the principal or the teachers narrating your interest in your school, and show an interest to meet them and talk to them and students. Remember this small gesture of yours will make a lot of difference. It will be the happiest moment for your teachers. Your school will take pride. The students will love to listen you and take some tips. Try to donate some books of your choice or a PC if you can to your school.

·Do you come from a village? I know it may be inconvenient for you to live a night there after so many years in US. But please take the trouble and visit your village or any village with your close relatives and talk with the older and younger generation. Visit the village school even if you have not got through it. That is the real India that is undergoing change or needs change. The villagers will love to have you as a guest and will feel proud. May be you yourself can learn something or tell them some new things.

·Are you a religious person? Do you like to move around and visit some of the religiously important places of India? There are many in India. It gives you an idea how the common people of India had been traveling to these places from ages because of their faith. Unfortunately, because of secular bogey, the places have not developed to present standard of living. Business houses have not taken interest in building hotels and other facilities for the tourists. Why not enquire about the places you shall like to visit based on your interest, and the details of facilities? A lot of materials are available through Internet.

The appeal is not restricted to NRIs. I keep on making the similar requests to all who have come up from the rural India and smaller towns and reached a respectable position in any field of activity, but forgotten the root. We have a duty to the janambhumi (motherland)- janani janmabhumisch swargadapi gariyashi (mother and motherland is higher than heaven).

My appeal may appear to be a strange one. But I honestly feel that it will serve the countrymen without any loss to the persons addressed. Do you agree with me?

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