Sonia Requires Steely Guts for Deal

Last week had been hectic with the politics on Indo-US Nuclear Deal. It was a warlike coverage in media-particularly leftist politicians firing all ammunitions based on technical to emotional reasons against the deal, and the imminent journalists and columnists writing in favour of the Deal. Inder Malhotra, Shekhar Gupta, Vir Sanghvi, Rajdeep Sardesai, Prem Shankar Jha, K Subrahmanyam, and many others have been writing the lead articles in different newspapers and magazines. In a lead article, ”Why The World Backs The Deal’, Jerome Bonnafont, France’s ambassador to India wrote, “The Indo-US nuclear deal constitutes an unprecedented global offer made to India by the international community. France, Russia, the US, and many other countries, could help India accelerate the development of its civil nuclear programme without undermining India’s sovereign choices while conforming to international rules on non-proliferation.”

Congress was quiet. BJP kept on challenging the government to go ahead.

As it stands, Congress seems to have agreed to save Man Mohan Singh from his embarrassments at G-8 meet and allow him to go ahead on the Deal. Man Mohan Singh confidence is clearly up. Surprisingly, Sonia had been pretty miser in words and vague in favour, perhaps to keep the door for the leftists open. On the hand, the leftists have issued the ultimatum, ‘Going for the deal means withdrawal of support’. However, the leftists have not threatened any voting to pull down the government. Congress is already wooing Mulayam to keep the number. Many negotiators are working overtime. Amar Singh as usual considers himself the Krishna in this Mahabharat between the Man Mohan and Prakash. Karat is very shrewdly heating at Man Mohan rather than the Congress that Sonia heads and leads. Even politicians like Ajit Singh have started talking in favour. Shiv Sena has openly talked in favour of the deal.

As it appears, Man Mohan Singh will ask its negotiators to go ahead. Leftists will withdraw its support. But the government may continue till the general election in normal course. Even if Congress had agreed with the leftists and not gone for the Deal, the leftists would have certainly withdrawn its support before the election. It couldn’t have gone to the election while supporting the government. To them, the Deal is a better excuse for withdrawal of support for the visible consumption of voters. Sonia must accept this truth. The leftists are not the right choice as bedfellows.

To me, the Deal is a necessity to keep India in the community of scientific research and technology. India can’t keep itself isolated and think of becoming a super power or alleviate the poverty. It hardly matters if one day in distant future, India breaks the agreement in the interest of the country and gets a sanction again. It must be able to buy uranium or for that matter work together with the developed countries for any cutting edge technology or material as others biggies can. It must be able to develop its own technologies and sell its resources freely. With China as a shrewd rival, India must become strong.

In emerging scenario, no developed country worth name can do without India. It’s potential for growing as an important economy makes the nations keep it on its side. They find it more comfortable to work with India. It gets reflected in the remarks made by many heads of the countries and their leaders.

Unfortunately and historically, the biggest enemies of India had been from inside the country. India must develop its own strength and set a tradition of working in national interests with confidence. The politicians must shun short-term goals and anti-people motives. I wish the people of India could understand these black sheep working for vested selfish interest to remain as their rulers.

India has nothing much to lose by going for the deal. It must cross all the steps cautiously but fast enough to receive the uranium supplies soon to avoid the existing nuclear power plants from starving and new plants to meet the time frame. It will be the test of India’s diplomacy. India is to see who ultimately are causing delays.

Let Sonia not be afraid of BJP exploiting the deal for electoral gains, neither of the leftists who are hardly of any help in pushing the country ahead. Soniaji! Be fearless, don’t go by the advices of the sycophants in the party, show the steely resolve to make the country great.

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