Chinese Invading, Leftists Colluding, and Traders Enjoying

Pakistan may again come closer to India and the people may start living as they were in pre-independence united India, but China will always remain headache. It will compete, challenge, prick, bark, and if necessary in their interest bite India too. Even reports from the border suggest that. Many a times I strongly feel most of the problems of Maoists (Nepal) or terrorists (Bangla Desh) in the neighbouring countries have been there because of instigation and financial support from China to keep India engaged. China with vast financial resources and meanness of one party authoritarian rule can easily maneuver small countries and its corrupt leadership that matters. However, the worst for India is its own leftists that lobby and work in China’s interest. Even the leftists’ governments are encouraging China to enter in India in industry and trade forgetting its own opposition to free trade and globalization. Can there be a better and loyal internal ally than the leftists and that too with all the clout of supporting the government and the best possible relationship with the defacto ruler, Sonia Gandhi?

While the people of India prefer close relation with USA, the leftists are fighting tooth and nail so that India doesn’t go nearer to US as in Indo-US Nuclear Deal that is so vital. After many years, US have understood the importance of India. And so Rice writes in an article in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs magazine published by Council on Foreign Relations, a Washington think-tank so favourably about India. “…The United States has a vital stake in India’s rise to global power and prosperity, and relations between the two countries have never been stronger or broader.”

Unfortunately, leftists don’t like this closeness. And the reason is clear. G Parthasarathy opines very rightly, ‘the communist parties appear determined to make India a client state of China.‘ The real reasons for Chinese opposition to the Indo-US nuclear agreement were voiced in an article in the August 2007 issue of the influential Renmin Jiabao magazine, which stated: “The US-India nuclear agreement has strong symbolic significance (for) India achieving its dream of becoming a powerful nation…In fact, the purpose of the US to sign a civilian nuclear agreement with India is to enclose India into its global partners’ camp. This fits in with India’s wishes”. ‘The CPM finds fault with the India-US nuclear agreement for precisely the same reasons as China. The CPM joins the Chinese in expressing opposition to missile defence systems. Does the party want Indian population centres to be defenceless against attacks of nuclear-tipped missiles? Have CPM leaders ever voiced concern about the Pakistan-China nuclear and missile nexus to their Chinese comrades during their visits to the Middle Kingdom?’ ‘What our communist comrades fail to realise is that wittingly or unwittingly, their recipes for foreign policy and national security fit in beautifully with Chinese long-term objectives of isolating India by strengthening their own growing ties with the US, while getting others to undermine India’s relations with the United States.”

Leftist states are promoting Chinese import even through clandestine route and encouraging the state’s industrial units and the government department to have better tie-ups with Chinese enterprises knowing full well about the Chinese quality problems. And the Chinese are well versed in using the weakness of corrupt officers to get their interest served. It is not that the Chinese are not ahead in manufacturing, but the Chinese blatant subsidy also creates an advantageous condition for its manufacturers. Why can’t leftists come out with encouragement to India’s own manufacturing sector?

For instance, some of the West Bengal power plants have gone to Chinese suppliers instead of BHEL. BHEL is having its problem of capacity, but the quality of the Chinese manufacturers in many sectors including power equipment as well as cement machinery have been poorer. Some experts with many years of experiences from the sector allege about the poor quality of power generation equipment supplied by Chinese manufacturers such as Dongfang Electric Corp., Shanghai Electric and Harbin Power Equipment Co. Ltd. The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has formed an internal group to conduct a technical audit of such equipment. With the support of some champions of globalization and free economy, and a tacit backing pf the leftist state government and some new, may be unscrupulous, private companies entering power sector, it will be difficult to stop the Chinese, though the problem is known to the Chinese authority too.

China will have its own problems. But India must concentrate on its growth story, particularly of its manufacturing sector. If we go by media, there is an effort but India is to go many miles to do a catch up. It is only the economic, technical and physical strength of India that can even keep China’s irritants on borders in check.

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